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Is there a solution to the Safari 5.0 autofill not working? My autofill hasn't worked for months and I am noticing many with this problem with no real solution. My autofill feature tells me that there is no Address card with my info, when there are 2! (I keep adding them to see if I can get it to work) I've noticed some past threads with recommendations but the poster still doesn't have it fixed. Any suggestions??


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    My first suggestion is not to post a Safari-related question here in Discussions >Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard > Installation and Setup. Instead, post it to the more appropriate Discussions > Safari category.

    My second is to open Address Book.app & from the "Card" menu item select the "Go to My Card" item & see what happens. If it is greyed out or goes to the wrong card, navigate to the one you want & then select "Make This My Card" from the same menu item.

    If this doesn't help, please refer to the first suggestion.