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Received my new iPhone July 2. So far, so good, liking very well. Except for this one small problem (thus far.) I cannot load some files from the pc to the iPhone.

Page 60 of the iPhone User Guide states:
Transfer a file from your computer to iPhone:
1 Connect iPhone to your computer.
2 In iTunes, select your iPhone under Devices, then click the Apps tab.
3 In the File Sharing section, click Add.

There's where my problem begins. This is my first iPhone and I know I have much to learn, but in many ways I expected manuals to factually describe expected responses. Instead:

With my phone selected under Devices, clicking on the Apps tab displays a check box (activated) on the left side with a table showing icons for the apps on the iPhone. On the right are the screens -- large icons on selected page with each page on the far right. Nothing on the screen indicates "File Sharing" nor does clicking anywhere activate an Add option.

Checking the menus, I could not locate an option/control to change from the icon display to a text list.

What am I missing??? My goal is to transfer some personal html files from my pc to my iPhone. Would appreciate any help in doing so.

PC, Windows XP, iTunes
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    What you described is what will be available IF you have installed a 3rd party app from the App Store that supports the FileSharing APIs.

    Like Stanza does and lets you put eBooks onto device and lets Stanza get access to them.

    The iPhone be default doesn't have an app for what you are asking. You need to decide on an app from the AppStore that meets your needs.
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    Oh, dear -- that is not mentioned in the manual. Should I anticipate this disfunctionality occuring throughout the manual? A 3rd party app being necessary for the majority of anticipated functions?
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    Says it in the manual I am reading

    File Sharing lets you transfer files between iPhone and your computer. You can share files created with a compatible application and saved in a supported format.
    Applications that support file sharing appear in the File Sharing Apps list in iTunes.
    For each application, the Files list shows the documents that are on iPhone. See
    the application’s documentation for how it shares files; not all applications support
    this feature.

    Maybe you are just not familiar with the wording and how things are referred to with the iPhone.

    Applications that support file sharing appear in the File Sharing Apps list in iTunes

    That means Applications (once you install) that support File Sharing will show up there.

    See the applications documentation for how it shares files
    means see that particular applications documentation on how it will work with files you give it.

    As the example I gave, Stanza is an eBook reader and they have documentation about what file types they accept.

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    A 3rd party app being necessary for the majority of anticipated functions?

    It depends what your "anticipated functions" are. The iPhone has over 200,000 third-party apps, so obviously a lot of extra functionality is added through the use of 3rd party apps.

    The iPhone doesn't do everything without installing any Apps - same as any other computing device.

    What type of file are you trying to transfer, for what purpose and what App (built-in or third-party) did you intend to use that file with?
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    Thanks for the answers -- they've been helpful. I am used to the world of 'drag and drop'.

    I'm trying to put some personal html files to read (not to edit) on the iPhone. On my Windows-based phone as well as my pc, they were placed in a file folder and opened with a web-browser. That's what I'd hoped to do on the iPhone.

    Specific instructions/app would be the closing answer.
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    For security reasons, there is no central file repository on the iPhone that all Apps can access and read files to and from. Also, the native Safari browser cannot open 'local' HTML files.

    To do what you want, you'll have to install a third-party 'file sharing' app with file viewing capabilites, transfer the HTML files and then view them in that App.

    Personally, I use Dropbox on my Mac/PC and its iPhone App.

    Any files you place in the Dropbox are available on any computer or device with Dropbox installed or via the Dropbox website. The iPhone Dropbox app can acces and store the files locally for offline viewing.

    There are many alternatives which other people can recommend, but for my purposes, Dropbox is fantastic.
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    I too use DropBox and takes the whole iTunes stuff out of the picture. Just copy something to a folder on your computer and presto, it is on your phone (and any other computer using dropbox with same account).

    Only downside is having to install software on to your computer that talks to the web thus potential security hole if a flaw is found. I just don't let drop box run on computer unless I need it. Also their servers have copy of your data.

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    That's what I needed -- with the multiple thousands of apps available, I could have searched, tried, deleted, re-searched, re-tried ever so many times (I've done that on a couple of apps already) New world, new culture, so much to learn, and so little time to do so. Septuagenarians just don't have that much time left!

    Thanks so much for the help.
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    Just to give more hints about Dropbox if that is what you end up using. For the iPhone, it doesn't really store the files on the phone (by default). It will list what is stored in the cloud. When you open one it will download to cache and show it. Thus you need data connection.

    If you want to ensure you have the file even with zero signal, just open it on the phone when you do, then tap the Star to add to favorites, then it will store a local copy you can read even with no data access. So do that to things you really want always available.

    Every app is different, that is just how this one App works.

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    STANZA! Finally after trying many apps, I found one (and free) that activated this mysterious File Sharing pane. And it works great. Thanks.