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I can't seem to get any 3G service on my iPhone, and haven't for about a week now. Please help. I know that we have 3G service in this area, because I'm holding another iPhone in my hand, and that one gets 3G service just fine. I know that 3G is enabled, because I go to Settings -> General -> Network, and "Enable 3G" is turned on, and just says "No Signal." When I turn off "Enable 3G" I can get on the Edge network just fine. I don't get it. I already tried reseting the iPhone (holding down the home sceen button and the power button), and that didn't work. I tried upgrading to OS 4.0 and that didn't work. I even tried going to Settings -> Reset -> Erase All Settings, and even that didn't work. I am completely and totally stumped, and I am out of ideas. Help!

iOS 4