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hi guys

have a solid older g4 powerbook 1.33 ghz 1.25 ram powerbook i gave to my gf as a present. This thing just will not stream any videos with out serious lag. Even if videos buffer all the way it jumps all over the place.

Sites like Justin.tv we cannot stream one channel good, audio is fine but picture is unwatchable due to lag. I can watrch the same channel on my 2007 macbook pro and its totally fine. Any tips on how to get this powerbook running right?? Even youtube you can't watch because of laaaaaag. This shouldn't be an issue.


8 core ahhh yeah, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
  • eww Level 9 Level 9
    Your old G4 isn't up to watching streaming video from today's web sites. Its CPU and GPU are too slow. Even the last and fastest G4s have trouble now.
  • BGreg Level 6 Level 6
    Unfortunately, our PBs are showing their technology age with streaming video's that have become more prevalent. You can take a few steps to try and maximize the performance, however, at the proverbial end of the day, if viewing streaming video's is important, it's time to upgrade.

    First, ensure you have 10% to 15%+ free disk space on your internal hard drive. Less than that can really crimp performance.

    Download OnyX and run the tasks on the cleaning and maintenance tabs. Before using any disk maintenance program, good data protection practice says you should have your hard drive backed up. (I've never heard of a data issue with Onyx, however). Download from: http://www.titanium.free.fr/download.php?sid=e115f3f4154a6c53a8426d0c4b8a52a5

    Periodically run the Apple hardware test or either of the TechTool programs to ensure there's not any sick hardware getting in the way.

    Bring up the activity monitor and on the system memory tab look at page ins and outs. If page outs are 10% or more of page ins, you can use more memory for what you run.
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    I've been using Miro to download and watch youtube video. It works great but isn't "streaming" live on-demand. You have to wait until the clip finishes downloading.

    Apparently there's an extension for Safari 5 called YouTube5 (changes flash to html5) and it's supposed be less taxing on the CPU. I want to try it, has anyone else had success on running extensions with a ppc?

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    Have you tried a different browser? Are you connecting wirelessly or direct? I use firefox on my 1.25Ghz PB via wireless and it streams fine although I am in Japan and have very high bit rates. I like the suggestion of just downloading the video you want to watch. It seems like an obvious solution.
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    Your problem is the fact that you own a PowerBook. I too have a PowerBook G4 (12 Inch 1.5 GHz) and the video (even through an ethernet port) is horrible. Face it, PowerBooks are for day to day tasks - not top of the line video streaming. Hope this helped.