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    I really don't know.... it seems to me apple has to recognise the problem sooner or later... I don't really have any problem with Minidisplayport, but some big problem with the ethernet port ?!?!? Yes I do!. It's sufficient a slighty movement for loosing connection to ethernet cable! :-(


    Moreover there is no lite, so we can not prove that with a photo..... it's sad all these things

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    Various USB cables seem to be looser or tighter. I just got a cable that is particularly loose and to make it tighter, I put a piece of painters tape around the connector. It is not permanent, but it makes the connection more snug and secure. It comes off clean if and when replacement tape is needed. Insert the connection carefully to make the tape last longer.

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    Now three have passed, I tried several time to get the USB problem recognised as a problem, but all the testes they do at Genius bar, won't prove the USB issue.


    Now I'm starting to have a kernel panic almost every time I used the upper USB port. Sometime my mac reports that from that port I have a surcharge of elettric current.


    Everytime somthing is plugged in coul cause Kernel Panic. It's on random scheme but it is a problem!


    I don't know why noone talks about it anymore!



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