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Xairoo Level 1 (0 points)
sometimes my Mail.app doesn't check the server for new mails after i wake him up.
I also checked my server logs. Last login/check was before the sleep mode (yeah of course not while @ sleep). When i wake my iMac up, my Mail.app client doesn't login/check for new mails automatically. My iPhone is also online and checks the mails every 15 minutes - this works. But Mail.app @ iMac doesn't show me the new mails. I use the IDLE command - and it worked all the time. I have to restart the Mail.app to get it work. Clickin on get mail doesn't help - also no entry in my server log.

courier imap + active idle support

Looks like the IDLE support stops sometimes working after the sleep mode :/

Mac OS X (10.6.3)
  • Ernie Stamper Level 8 (37,545 points)
    It may be, but I have not confirmed, that using the IDLE command (implementing push email) results in some error on the server side when the email app cannot be contacted because the Mac is asleep. This would not be surprising.

    While I always have my display sleep, I never allow my computer to sleep.

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    Yeah of course, i think thw IDLE command is not designed for the sleep mode.
    It's Apples job to create a working app that could handle the IDLE future with the sleep mode.

    It should be no problem to reset the full process aftere the wakeup. We could do with a simple script to restart the Mail.app, but thats a really lame resolution.

    Come on Apple, give us (the source of all the money) a small fix!
  • Ernie Stamper Level 8 (37,545 points)
    Why would it be Apple's responsibility to receive anything while a computer is asleep? That is not logical. It would be more logical to assume it is the responsibility of the server to keep checking to see if the computer and mail app are awake and reachable for Push Mail.

    What happens if you control-click on the Inbox and choose Get Account Info after it awakens?

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    It would, because not while asleep. I said it should work correctly after the wakeup.

    Come on, you could add new accounts without a restart of the app. Where is the problem to start the process again after the wakeup?

    I hope you know what timeouts are - why should a server have such big timeouts to register that the machine is online after a few hours? thats not the work of the server.

    Really simple:
    o) machine online: client sends login, IDLE works fine.
    o) machine is asleep, crashes, lost the connection, ...: server tries and tries -> timeout
    o) machine wakes up, comes online again: client sends the login again

  • Ernie Stamper Level 8 (37,545 points)
    Apparently you and I interpret the following differently:

    "The server MAY consider a client inactive if it has an IDLE command
    running, and if such a server has an inactivity timeout it MAY log
    the client off implicitly at the end of its timeout period. Because
    of that, clients using IDLE are advised to terminate the IDLE and
    re-issue it at least every 29 minutes to avoid being logged off.
    This still allows a client to receive immediate mailbox updates even
    though it need only "poll" at half hour intervals."

    Seems to support my thoughts, and you have only found quitting Mail and relaunching as a method of terminating IDLE and re-issuing? There may be others, but any would seem to require manual action.

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    Why looking for an other solution? The problem is simple and a fact.

    Restarting Mail.app is really fast and could be handled, by the dirty way, with a wakeup script.

    Maybe this, maybe anything other, maybe the first or the fourth thought/bug/what ever. I like fixes. And ****, I'm no politican, so i prefer the direct and best way/resultion.

    By the way, think about security. 29 Minutes are a very long time to do some **** things.