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Hi all,
is there a way, to create a mobile profile out of an existing profile? I've two MBP here, and I want to keep my data synced over the server profile.
Do I really have to create a new user on the server and then copy the existing data to that profile? Isn't there an easy way, to change an existing profile to a mobile profile?
Thank you,

MBP17 + MBP13 + SLServer, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Hi all,

    I have exactly the same problem. I think there might be only the option to copy over the local profile to the server, delete the local profile from the mobile computer and let it resync with mobile user with portable home.

    But it would be very nice to have an build in option to do thinks like this! Here you go apple...

    Thanks for any advice!
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    I'm just curious to know how those instructions worked for you as they were written around a previous version os OS X Server. I am in the same boat trying to migrate my local account to an network account. Have you seen any weird behavior? Did it also handle all of the preferences for your different apps?
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    Just to give you some feedback. The given instruction didn't work completely. After changing the ownership of all my data, a new login lead to the question if I'd like to create a new user account. The useraccount was listed as network and not mobility user. (there seem to be network accounts and mobile accounts - don't ask me what's the difference)

    So I decided to call the apple support (I bought applecare for all my pc's) and ask them for further howtos.

    Long story short: They recommended to start from the scratch. Create a new user account and copy all the data. Copying .plists might be a worse decision. So all the settings of user applications will have to be done from the scratch again.

    Hope there'll be an easy mechanism to migrate local user account to mobile server accounts in the near future. In my opinion that's a must.