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  • miketod Level 1 Level 1
    Same here - had IP3 & BT worked fine. IP4 with 4.0 or 4.01 is pathetic! Wont pair with my Samsung laptop or my Audi in-car BT.

    Searching display on phone just cycles forever. No difference if Wifi on or off. Samsung sees phone but cannot pair. Audi sometimes pairs but then drops the connection after a minute or so - have to go through "find new phone" routine to re-connect.

    Vodafone just swapped my phone & unfortunately I have exactly the same symptoms on the new one....

    This need sorting URGENTLY - its illegal to drive with hand-held phones in the UK
  • miketod Level 1 Level 1
    Update - just tried pairing with a colleague's IP3Gs on IOS4.01 & the phones will not see each other despite stating "discoverable"........
  • briancochran Level 1 Level 1
    My I Phone 3G worked great with my car's Pioneer Bluetooth. Once paired, it always worked. My I Phone 4 requires me to pair the two every time I start the car! I went through tech support to reset network settings and the entire phone. They then said it was hardware and to go to the store and exchange the phone. I visited the Apple store in San Diego and was told I needed to start all over and it was a 4 1/2 hour wait. I then called tech support from the store and had them send me a replacement phone. The result is the same; I must pair the phone and the Bluetooth every time I start the car. Obviously a soft ware problem. It's like taking a step back. I am in the car constantly and need the hands free control. This really is bad.
  • KOKOCLIFFY Level 1 Level 1
    Sadly today I have been playing around with my Plantronics Backbeat 903 and discovered that when I pair it to my IP4 it doesnt ask for a pin but connects to it anyway. If I put the phone in my pocket the connection is very bad and the music skips. I took the phone out of my pocket and cupped it in my hands and even with a case on it lost connectivity with the headset. I can duplicate this every time.
  • KC10Brain Level 1 Level 1
    GDG Mac Guy, I am not sure what the first person is saying, but I am asking if anyone has figured out a Bluetooth headset that works. I have 9 headsets, most of them are Plantronics, up to and including the Plantronics Pro which was fantastic on my Blackberry. I made the mistake of waiting past the 30 days so now if I go back to the blackberry I eat the iPhone money.

    I bought a frogz case that rips off the screen protector, and that didn't work, so I bought another cover that didn't work. It isn't how I hold the phone.

    I can hear everyone perfectly every time. 60% of the time or more, they can't hear me or say that I am garbled. I don't get this complaint on my old Razr or Blackberry. (I just figured out how to pop out the sim card). My wifes iPhone 3Gs works fine in her car, my 4 does the same thing. It has to be something in the phone or Bluetooth connection.

    If anyone has a headset that can overcome this, I will buy it, if it is an Apple problem is there word on the fix?

    I really need three things in a phone, tasks, calendar with invites and bluetooth. I have given up on the first two and gone back to another device. If the bluetooth isn't fixed soon, I gotta suck up the dough and get another crackberry. Carrying two devices and a razr for important calls is getting nuts!
  • Rangeshooter Level 1 Level 1
    It's amazing that Apple continually denies there is a bluetooth problem however when I do a quick review of the bluetooth issues in the discussion forum I find 844 replies and 142,526 views on bluetooth issues alone. How can they continue to deny it. ugh!
  • Michael Loves Macs Level 1 Level 1
    I have owned EVERY single iPhone. This one has the most potential, but clearly the most problems. (I'm returning it today) In order
    1) Issues with dropped calls (well known and documented)
    2) Issues with Bluetooth - the iPhone 4 cuts in and out with the car bluetooth (when the 3GS with the non-iOS 4.0 worked GREAT)
    3) Touch screen sensitivity - I'm often hanging up on people, or adding another call or doing some other function that should be disabled while holding the phone to my face.

    I'm forced to do this before the 30day return period is up or else I'll be stuck with this lemon.
    Too bad, B/C I'm such an apple fan - MacBook Pro, (Had Power book x 2 before this) iPad, Every iphone, Time Capsule . . . .
  • Cumbre Level 1 Level 1
    There is also a problem with using Bluetooth since the upgrade of 3GS to IOS4 with the CoPilot app. Simply put the phone can't react fast enough to the voice commands and push them to Bluetooth. The result is "In five hundred yards turn right" comes out as "hundered yards turn right". CoPilot worked very, very well until this "upgrade" now it is unusuable with Bluetooth. I have to try and get back to 3.1.3 or go mad.
  • Fritsander Level 1 Level 1
    I have a Jawbone Prime and used that with an iPhone 3GS for at least 6 months without any problems. Connection as well as voice quality were excellent. After upgrading to iOS 4 I've only used the headset for about a week without problems that I know of. Now I've gotten an iPhone 4 (iOS 4.0) and people on the other end cannot understand me anymore while I can hear them perfectly. Also, I experience connection problems (for instance the headset disconnects and reconnects again by itself). It's really annoying since I'm used to a headset that worked perfecty when on iOS 3.1.2 (and on 3GS). I also use a Jabra 620s for music and calls. Until now I've had no problems with calls but did experience connection problems. Some of these the same as for the Jawbone.

    Hopefully it's the iOS that's causing this and Apple will fix it soon. It's really, really annoying not be able to use my headset like I'm used to.
  • matcat Level 1 Level 1
    Bluetooth does not work at all with my iphone 4, what is going on Apple.. I love you but what is going on?????
  • davidwork Level 1 Level 1
    If this is a software thing why are they not fixing it or addressing it? Come on apple this is one that should be fixed with an upgrade. iphone 3 gs worked great until ios4 is all over the discussions. So those of us with iphone 4 are crippled from blue tooth as well. FIX THIS ISSUE PLEASE
  • Andy Milder Level 1 Level 1
    I'd like to join in here as well. I have a Motorola HX1 Endeavor which worked PERFECTLY with my iphone 3G. No more. People tell me I sound completely garbled about 40% of the time. My favorite problem is this: My headset connects, disconnects, and reconnects all the time. "Headset disconnected." "Headset connected." Usually this occurs when I'm making a call and by the time it reconnects I have the person on the other line saying "helllo?"

    Sigh. If it ain't one thing it's another.
  • goodgrapes Level 1 Level 1
    I'm also experiencing Bluetooth issues with iPhone 4. I had no issues with 2 Plantronics headsets, a Moto car kit as well as my Jabra stero headset with my iPhone 3G.

    With iPhone 4 all devices can successfully pair. But they disconnect and then reconnect every other minute.

    Therefore my headsets are useless.

  • TrinDawg38 Level 1 Level 1
    I have a Jawbone II BT Headset and was having problems with ios 4.0 dropping signal with my headset. Now, I just recently updated to 4.0.1 and guess what? No more signal drops! Hopefully, this was what the problem was for me. So I am keeping my fingers crossed on this one. But, so far, so good.
  • STGC Mike Level 1 Level 1
    Itoo am very tired of Apple's BS and continued denial of problems with a poorly designed antenna system and pushing a product out that was never properly field tested. Even the techs I contacted thru this site claimed they were unaware of the problem. Having been an electronics tech myself for 30 years it is very obvious that it is an antenna issue. It was first noticed with the reception problem that Apple said was a software issue and now is sending everyone shields and cases. Now they're saying the constant bluetooth disconnects are software and there is also the weak WiFi reception. They still don't want to admit to a hardware problem because it'll cost them a bundle. Maybe a class action suit would finally get their attention. The iPhone4 design concept is really good but the final engineering in the antenna design was really bad and I have to believe never properly tested.
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