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  • OliverM3 Level 1 Level 1

    I hear you and it's sad. I love the phone but I haven't had to hold a phone up to my ear in years.

    why would you? bluetooth is the next best thing since the invention of the cell phone.

    who holds a phone anymore? (apparently Apple)


    The Droid is gaining ground and each one I see is getting better and better.

    I'm really looking hard at the Galaxy Nexus because I'm sick of this bluetooth issue.


    I was hoping that now that Jobs was dead maybe this would get fixed but apparently not.

  • Little Pam-Gu Level 1 Level 1

    me too, just bought my iphone4 3 days ago. .I should have researched first. It's just stuck on searching when i turned on the bluetooth.. it cant detect my macbook pro, when i tried to add advice thru my laptop and pair it, it works but my phone says my macbook is not supported. Darn!

    I have tried resetting the settings & will try do erase everything & do it again, but i guess it would be no use doing that since i know now it's an issue. . I called the store where i bought it, & they're surprise and said that there's no issue like this & willing to replace my phone. .hmm. .well see..

  • DrTom44 Level 1 Level 1



    Thanks for your post; it helped me figure out how to make my new iphone 4s work with my 2010 E550 4matic.





  • jrhapsode Level 1 Level 1

    I'm in the "other" category. I have very muffled audio but it's not constant; it comes and goes. I troubleshot this issue for about a week. At first I thought it was my earpiece b/c I had just bought it, so I took it back. Same issue. Then I tried an old bluetooth that I had that I knew was perfectly clear on all my Android phones. Same issue on the iPhone 4S. Tried a few other earpieces. No luck


    Then I finally went to an Apple store and tried some of the phones there. Same exact issue although not as severe (even using an earpiece they had). Still had it replaced and still have the same issue. Called Apple support a few times but they just wanted to blame the earpieces. Finally got to a Senior Advisor and he basically said that I could submit a complaint and that there was nothing that he could really do on his end.


    I did submit a complaint (I forget where; it was somewhere on the Apple site, probably support section or feedback). But I figure if enough people give negative feedback on this issue, Apple will have to address it. It's absolutely unacceptable that this issue has lasted for more than a year from the 4 to the 4S. Apple products are supposed to "just work". It just works alright, just not consistently and not up to the high standards that I thought Apple held themselves to and prided themselves on.

  • Thanar Level 2 Level 2

    I've had the muffle sound problem since iPhone 3G. Have opened a discussion here over three years ago with lots of replies, but nothing happened since. Still have this problem on my iPhone 4 using a Jabra headset, my wife does with her iphone 3G using an Ericsson headset, my brother also faces the same issue on his 4, using a Plantronics headset. We've all learned to switch to the handset when the person on the other side of the line complains that they don't hear well.


    It's a software issue, something to do with echo cancelation, but they don't seem interested enough to fix it (headsets have just recently become popular in the US, because up until now it was not illegal to drive with the handset stuck on your head).

  • Steve in Richmond Level 1 Level 1

    I have an iPhone 4 updated to the latest version of OS-5 and yes, I've had Bluetooth issues also.  I've tried the Blueant Q2, Plantronics M1100 and the Plantronics Voyager Pro HD.  Each has had pairing problems, though not at first, and the Voyager HD has done better of the three (though overall I like the Q2's features the best). 


    Because I will be driving much more over the next six to twelve months, this has become a bigger issue.  It is a shame that Apple has insufficiently addressed a problem that was widely reported since 2010.  Just look at this blog!  They really should offer something in return for this uncorrected headache. 

  • wesdalton Level 1 Level 1

    The blueant T1 works just fine on my 4s

  • jrhapsode Level 1 Level 1

    Here is the link to submit a complaint/feedback on this issue.



    If you want to know how to navigate to this link, then click on "Contact Us" at the bottom right of any page, then under "Website Feedback" at the bottom of the right column click on "Product Feedback", then obviously iPhone, then fill it out.


    As I said in my previous post, I hope people will try to submit complaints about this issue. Hopefully, the more that complain, the more they'll be pressured to fix this. I have also tried to submit to CNET to have them look into this issue with the hopes that maybe they'll do an article on the issue. If anyone has any connections to tech blogs, perhaps getting them to contact Apple or doing some articles to make the issue more public would help our cause. It's ridiculous that this has gone on since the iPhone 4 came out and even (according to Thanar above) since the 3G.


    If this was on as big a scale as the 4S battery issue, they'd have it fixed w/in a month or at least would address it.

  • jrhapsode Level 1 Level 1

    Good point about the driving. On all U.S. military bases and in many states, it is now illegal to talk (on cell) and drive unless you have a hands-free device. So this would gradually become a prohibition to use iPhones while driving.

  • nvs67 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm a long time Blackberry user that just purchased a 4S.  I'm also a long time Bluetooth user.  The same BT that I used a few days ago worked great with my BB is making anyone on the other line complain about how I sound using my new Iphone.  This seems to be a common complaint from many of you.  The strange thing is that even when I used the corded ear buds I also got complaints.  Going back to the Apple Store tomorrow.  If this continues I might have to return it because I need to be hands free.  Very annoying.

  • carlosfromdavie Level 1 Level 1

    Me too, but when I bought my Jawbore ERA my problem when away.  Very happy. You can get it a Bestbuy. The only thing I didn't like that it cost $129.00. Good luck....

  • trann46 Level 1 Level 1

    I have made an interesting little discovery. If I leave my Jawbone Icon earpiece connected and turned on and then connect to the car kit so that 2 bluetooth devices are active on the iPhone - the dropout problem goes away! HTH someone. T.

  • Jay Gamel Level 1 Level 1

    In all this time, has no one figured out what is wrong with apple's bluetooth deployment? It strikes me as odd as its been having probems for over five years now. I can't believe my 4s can't even connect to a brand new iMac 2.8gz core 2 duo. Astounding! It pairs  but won't connect. I came within an inch of switching to an android this contract. If I can find someone to buyout my contract, I will switch.

  • markfromlake charles Level 1 Level 1

    Once again, sent feedback to Apple. We'll see if they respond. I have a Nissan Titan that had no issues connecting via Bluetooth until the first or second iPhone 4 update. Now, problem after problem. This is a huge problem for me as I rely heavily on cellphone reliability while traveling for work. Apple has clearly ignored this issue. Trust me I've tried many other phones. Android, Google, etc. with no problems. Apple is about to lose me. After all the raving I've done for them over the years. 

  • Steve in Richmond Level 1 Level 1



    I did some more research and experimentation and have found that Jawbones are probably your best bluetooth bet for an iPhone 4 and probably others.  For one thing, their software actually includes a Mac version, so you can update the earpiece.  A very kind person gave me a Jawbone Era and it has worked quite well -- though I had to get my iPhone 4 switched out first (they confirmed my first one had a hardware problem) and update the Era software.  On the whole the connection is pretty reliable.  Plantronics Voyager Pro+ HD came in second, but has fewer command features and no Mac software to update the earpiece, so I returned it.


    Still, it is a shame to need a high-end bluetooth for a phone that is already costly.  And it is surprising to hear that the 4S won't connect to a new Mac!  Apple does need to address this.  I'll follow the advise above and put in a complaint.  I should not need the No. 1 rated bluetooth just to use wireless with the iPhone 4. 


    Hope this helps, at least some.  Thanks for some of the comments above.

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