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    What is your 'smart' device please?

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    Smart Wireless Bluetooth Headset (Smart SB-01)


    You can find this device at following address, tml

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    It does not matter what bluetooth earpiece your have you get the same result.  I have 4 different ones and they all do the same Motorola 805S Plantronics 903 Jawbone and blueant Q2.  If I am playing or streaming music. If I turn my head to the right the bluetooth earpiece disconnects and thats with the Iphone in my top right shirt pocket. the reception is really bad if the phone is on the left side of my body.  My opinion is that it seems as though the bluetooth reception is blended with the 3g wireless connectivity.  When that connection is poor so is the bluetooth connectivity.  I beleive the antena for this device is very poor and apple is not doing anything to repair it. I was on the beach 2 months ago in South Carolina and of course I had no phone signal.  Ok I could deal with that but when I tried to listen to my music in the Ipod app it would not play through my bluetooth earpeice.  Whats with that.   I took in the last update and still the same issues.  Apple wants me to pay them for time to explain this to them which I will not do.  If I could I would record it for yourtube

    Apple you have serious issue with your ad2p firmware

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    Apple customers are having a problem and Apple has decided to stonewall on this issue. I think Apple should take notice of the lessons learned from Microsoft. One of the reasons Apple has such a loyal following is that the customer experience trumphed profit. I will say recent experiences with my Apple products have not  reinforced my loyalty to Apple. I can pay a whole lot less $ to have a crappy experience with a Windows based device rather than the premium for an Apple. 

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    I have been using MACs since 1991, so I stuck with the fight to sort my bluetooth problem and 3 hours in store over 2 days, by default I think I have found the problem... or more impotrantly, a solution.


    My phone was replaced yesterday because the BT apparently would not work. The new phone did the same! Went back and finally found a genius who could get the BT to work the personal hotspot from a macbook pro using bluetooth (pair them, then use the bluetooth icon at the top of the screen to connect).  Had the phone completely reset during this, so had to go back home to reload / restore the backup, but we notice the cleared and reset phone actually worked perfectly with the car's bluetooth hands free, once paired.  I restored everything ftom my backup and hey presto, immediatley back to the old tricks of dropping the BT connection after 40-45 seconds, every single time...


    So either an app or a stored preferance or something in the backup, don't yet know what, is corrupting the Bluetooth function.  Its not iOS5.01 or 5.1 and its not the hardware, even works with wifi on at the same time...


    The Solution - CLEAR AND RESET AS A NEW PHONE - ABSOLUTELY DO NOT RESTORE FROM YOUR BACKUP. I added email (exchange and iCloud + an imap account) as new accounts.  Synched contacts and calender through iCloud (as a new phone). Gave the phone  a new name and synched it as a new phone NOT USING THE RESTORE OPTION in iTunes.  I turned off the synch apps tick box, then checking and transferring a few essentials only at a time by marking the ones I wanted to transfer and only then doing a synch. I tested the iP4 with the cars BT after each small batch of Apps had been transferred.  All I really needed worked. I have avoided for the moment anything with a coms element like Skype, bump,etc not from Apple. I then created a new iTunes playlist and synched with that.


    So far it all works...


    So having had it suggested it was Land Rover / Ford kit - to needing to replace my car everytime Apple does an upgrade - to having geniuses on Apple's online service refuse to recognise the problem and leaving us dangling until we get cut off (withour then returning the call!), the store guys didn't find the glich, but they shore as **** tried and by a process of elimination.... we got to a solution. 


    BTW Check your manual / manufacturers web site, because it appears to be better to pair by initiaiting the process from the bluetooth equipment, rather from the iP4, in some cases.


    Hope it works for you and if you find the culprit App or setting that has caused you the problem, please post it here and tell Apple! 


    Good luck.

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    I have the iP4 and the iPhone BT headset, I also drive an Audi A5 (and occassionaly am allowed to drive my partners BMW X3) with built in BT all of which work fine... for a while


    With the car; after a long call (about an hour) the phone seems to get particularily warm and the sound quality degrades rapidly. End the call and leave it for 10 mins or more and all is fine again... for a while...

    BTW, unlike a BMW you can't play the music from the iP4 via bluetooth though it wasn't great anyway


    With the headset the same applied although the phone didn't get hot but a slight reduction in battery level of either device, phone or headset, meant sound became muffled. I don't believe it is the headsets as most use the 2nd or 3rd generation BT s/ware but the iPhone 4 is worse by far than the 3G-S but even so when I remember the Nokia/SonyEricsson quality.... Apple have a long long way to go

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    Well it looks like Apple just doesn't care becasue they have something people want.  Apple will build a new phone and more than likely fix the problem, then all of us "suckers" will buy the new phone.   These "contracts" are there for a reason, so when there is a problem like this one we don't have a choice and can't leave.   Right now I would leave, I would leave AT&T and Apple and never go back! 

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    I've received new phones, and during the drive home, prior to a restore or anything else, had the same recurring bluetooth problems.  I even went so far as to switch to a samsung phone, and had similar problems, not with dropping, but with poor sound quality.  Multiple headsets as well.  Bottom line, my thoughts are that ALL smartphone manufacturers, with the exception of RIM make phones that are suspect at best.

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    Just to chip in, my wife and I both got the iPhone 4s.  We both use a Plantronics 975.  The sound is completely garbled.  These headsets worked perfectly on my old 2g iPhone and on her old 3Gs. 


    I have an older version of the Plantronics 975 (a few years old), and it works better on the iPhone 4s than the new headset does, but the sound quality is not as good as it worked on the 2g. 


    The specific issues: 


    --A garbled sound. 

    --At times when it's not garbled (like with the older 975), the voice quality is still quite low -- sounds like talking on an old overseas connection. 

    --A crackling sound when the call is first initiated, but then it goes away.  It happens even if the headset is near the phone with no objects in between. 


    From reading through this discussion, we are going to try the Jawbone Era or the Plantronics Voyager Pro HD.  Are there any recent suggestions or advice that people have? 

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    I'm currently using the Era, it's about the same as my blue ants but with more features.


    it's bearable but only mediocre performance. I still need to keep the phone pretty close to the earpiece.


    You know it really ***** I loved my Plantronics 925 and 975 with my 3gs they have to be my favorite earpieces and come with some great accessories but they're useless with the 4s.


    I'm still holding out for a droid that I like so I can post that yourtube video of me shooting my 4s with my .45 having may dog take a crap on it and setting it on fire for all the time I've wasted on this stupid issue.

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    I post this every month or so but nobody ever seems to notice. I have the Samsung HM 1700. It works flawlessly. never connection problem - always sounds great - I can leave my phone in the house and go outside and use it, and never drop a call.  It is voice activated and its cheap.  I've never had a Bluetooth problem with any iPhone. I have a 4S currently . Hope this helps.

    Siri assisted me in making this post via Bluetooth. Oh and one last note, before the Samsung I had a Jabbra BT 530 I never had a problem with it either.  Both units are A2DP, and they work like they're supposed to. every phone call that I make is made using my Bluetooth headset.

    Regards, from Texas.

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    I've seen it but 9 earpieces is my limit  I've been beaten down and I'm tired of buying new earpieces to circumvent a flaw with the IPhone.


    Though 20 bucks isn't bad for an earpiece. Maybe someday I'll try it for fun.


    Maybe you got lucky and have the only IPhone that actually included the obviously optional Bluetooth antenna.

  • ron7624 Level 1 (40 points)

    No, this is my second iPhone with this headset. I still have my Jabra and it works just fine with the new iPhone too.    Maybe I have been lucky - I hope my lucky streak keeps on going 

  • OliverM3 Level 1 (0 points)

    That's just crazy because my wife & Son all have 4+'s and they all have the issue with any earpiece we've tried.

    you should play the lottery because you're one in a million .

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    Every one of my iDevices has Bluetooth issues.  It never mattered what version of ios they ran, there was always a problem of some sort.  I've got about 10 different Bluetooth devices iPhone 3, 3GS, 4, 4s, iPad, and iPad 2, and EVERY SINGLE ONE has Bluetooth issues.  Get a clue Apple!!!

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