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    I had tried upto 4 different iPhone 4 (3 using IOS4 and one using IOS5) and all have the problems of finding another iPhone 4 through the bluetooth.  Does anyone know any solution to that?

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    I just talked to Apple Care and I was told that EVERYONE should go to and fill out the form and put in your statements.  I was told by Apple Care that this link is where the VPs from the company go to see what people are talking about.  She said they rarely if ever come to this site that sometimes an engineer may but the main people in the company who need to hear about the bluetooth issues with the Iphone 4 only look at


    So, I ask every to do this and hopefully they will provide a fix for this issue so we can comply with our state laws of hands free in the car.

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    I have the Jawbone ERA and the same issue still exists with the Iphone 4S.  Don't waste your money as I talked to Apple Care and they said we need to go to and write our issues there as that is where the VPs of the company go to see what people are talking about.

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    If you want to send a clear message to the VPs don't buy the 5.

    They will fix this issue so fast that you think you went back in time.

    Do you honestly think they don't know about this issue?

    And if they don't then you should lose even more respect for them.

    Really how can you make a device where the bluetooth range can be measured in inches and not

    Know that there's a problem?

    It's a pretty phone and that's all they care about.

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    How does the Samsung work when listening to podcasts or music while walking or when the phone is in your pocket?  I have an IPhone 4 and when I walk with my Plantronics Voyager Pro HD with the phone in my hand or in my pocket, the audio cuts out.   Plantronics sent me another headset which does the same thing.  I would like something that works and it appears that most don't from this forum.  Could you test this out for me and if it works I'll go buy one tomorrow.





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    I've had very few problems.  I can remember only twice in the last 8 to 10 months did I drop the signal.  Listening to music and/or podcasts and Cnet TV on my iphone always gives me a good and constant sound level.  I am, however, mindful that it is Bluetooth.  I keep the phone on the side of my body that the headset is on. Both drops were with the headset on the opposite side of my body and my hand covering the phone in my pocket. 

    In an earlier post, I mentioned that I can leave the phone charging in my living room and go into my front yard and use the phone with no problems.  I will reiterate that saying that I do have a lot of windows surrounding my living room.

    I use the same headset with my company owned blackberry also.  Reception is every bit as good with both phones.

    I just bought a new HM 1700 new off of ebay for 14.95.  ( I lost my original last weekend)

    So, my new unit is charging right now, but I'm confident to have the same experience - this is my 3rd Samsung.

    I have a 60% hearing loss in both ears, so I have a hearing aid in one ear and the Samsung in the other.  My 3000 dollar hearing aid has Bluetooth built right in, and it doesn't perform nearly as well as the Samsung.  Also the HM 1700 accepts phone calls while listening to music, and then goes right back after the calling party hangs up.  The hearing aid looses the music after a phone call, so don't use it.

    Also, I've used a Jabra BT530 extensively (before the Samsung) and it worked well, but not nearly as well, nor as loud as the Samsung.



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    Thanks for the information ron7624.  Unfortunately, I can't use the HM 1700 with my iPhone 4 because the IPhone 4 only supports Bluetooth 2.1.  Can anyone recommend any single ear Bluetooth v2.1 Headset that works without cutting out when the phone is in your pocket or walking around with it in your hand?  I hope someone can recommend something but for now I think I'll return my voyager pro.





  • Thanar Level 2 (290 points)



    I don't think you'll run onto any issues with the HM1700, regardless its 3.0 Bluetooth, since every newer version is supposed to be backwards. Compatible with the earlier ones...

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    I've used the HM 1700 with a 3G, a 3GS and now a 4S.  It should work fine with your 4.  The 4S has the new low voltage Bluetooth hardware that is also backward compatable, so it works with the HM1700 older Bluetooth. Good luck..

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    I have been researching headsets and came across this thread. I was just about ready to buy the Jawbone ERA. So after reading the recent posts to this thread and doing more research, I found the following link ra-woes/

    I can't try it yet cause my Motorola headset has expired and the reason for the research was to replace it. Anyone want to try it then post the results?

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    Resetting network settings on the iPhone always help; so does a plain restart on the iPhone. That's what I do whenever I start hearing complains from the other side of the phone line. But that's not a solution.

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    ron7624 - I ordered the HM 1700 and am working on processing a refund from Plantronics for the Voyager Pro HD.  I'll reply back once I get it to let everyone know how it works with my Iphone 4.  Thank you and Thanar for the replies.


    ArtMom1 - Thanks for the post.  I don't have a Jawbone ERA but I tried what you suggest and it didn't work with my Plantronics Voyager Pro.  Funny but I bought a Jawbone ERA before the Plantronics and my kids kept telling me they couldn't hear me so I returned it.  It will be interesting to see if anyone else who has one solves the problem based on your post.

  • ron7624 Level 1 (40 points)

    rsprim - Your welcome.  I've been using my latest HM1700 purchase for 3 days now with the same good results.  Please let me know how it works out for you.  BTW  - I had major battery issues with my first 4S and Apple replaced it. The one I'm using now is much better.  My charge lasts all day now, even with moderate use, my first one would drain the battery with NO use down in the 40% area by 11am.  But the point is the HM 1700 has worked well with both of my latest phones.

    Best of Luck,


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    I have been using Plantronics VoyagerPro HD with my iPhone 4S since I got it, [I used it with my 3G also] Never had any issues at all. Now, all of a sudden it started disconnecting every 2 minutes. There is nothing wrong with the Bluetooth, it's something that just began happening a few days ago. I use it with my 2 iPads, and my MacBook, I havent noticed the "Disconnect" issue with any of them. The iPhone 4S is the only piece that was having this issue.

    What I tried this evening was; Shut off my VoyagerPro, and a Hard Re-set on the iPhone. It has not disconnected in the past Hr. It would be great if this works.

    I have the latest OS on my iPhone.

    Thank you

    ~Lady Selene~

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    Just to be clear, I haven't had any problems with my Voyager Pro when using it to talk with my Iphone 4.  No disconnect issues or anything.  My issues have been using the A2DP functionality to play music and podcasts through it.  I have found numerous posts by others that have stated when they are outside or the phone is in their pocket, (either one) that the phone cuts in and out when playing audio.  I'm having the same problem.  I have an Iphone 4 and I contacted Plantronics support who sent me another Voyager Pro HD that does the same thing.  When I told them, their response to me is below.  I'm trying to get a refund now because the main reason I upgraded was because I wanted to play music and listen to podcasts wirelessly when I workout.  I didn't notice the problem until I started using it outside.


    Hello Robert,


    Unfortunately, it may be the case that you'll simply have to find an alternate method of using the headset.  The Bluetooth connection may be disrupted by jarring movements such as those produced by riding a bike or running.  You may have to find a way to stabilize the headset if that's how you want to use it.  Please let us know if you have any other questions.


    Thank You,


    Plantronics Customer Care


    According to ron7624 the HM1700 doesn't have this issue so I'm going to give it a try.  The other headset that I've found according to reviews that works well with the Iphone 4 and A2DP is the Motorola HX550.  Since it's more expensive than the Samsung HM1700, I decided to go with the Samsung first.


    If your problems continue, you might try what ArtMom1 recommended in this thread and see if that helps.


    Good luck,



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