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    I have an Iphone4 with Jawbone HD ICON and the people on the other line can't hear me. I can hear them. Does apple offer a firmware or software update for this? If not repalce the iphone4 with the Iphone4S?

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    I suggest you back up your iPhone, then do a complete factory reset. Do not restore, but treat as a new phone. Pair with your headset before doing anything else. If it works fine, you have a conflicting or corrupted App or some problem in your saved backup.  Load your apps from the App store anew and your email, iCal etc as new. Took 3 days with geniuses to work this out for myself! It sorted my similar problem. If that does not sort it, you have a hardware problem...  Good luck.

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    Replacing the phone with a 4s does not solve the problem.  I have only a 4s and I am highly frustrated with the quality of connections between it and a high-end Plantronics headset.

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    Hi, since I did the hard reset on both my Bluetooth and iPhone, I have not had a problem. I also use mine all day for Pod casts, musick, reading etc, I use it while walking, driving, etc. I never have a problem with disconnects, I have a 4S.

    If I hear anything, I'll be back.

    Thank you

    Bright Blessings


    Lady Selene

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    I am at the apple store.  I have had the same bluetooth connectivity issues as many of you.  This is my second i-phone 4 in 4 months.  I plan to raise **** every time one of these phones has an issue and demand another phone.  I encourage you all to do the same. 

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    This is such a sorry situation. Last time I checked, Cupertino is inside California and there is a mandatory hands free device law when driving. I held onto my BB for a year longer than I wanted because IT WORKED. I feel stupid and disapointed over this faulty BT issue.

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    I received the Samsung HM1700 yesterday in mail.  After a day and a half or so of using it, I like it SOOO much more than the Plantronics Voyager Pro HD.  I like that when I make a call I immediately get feedback in my ear.  It seemed I had to wait so much longer with the Plantronics.  I also like that when I press the talk button the voice prompt comes up and allows me to state who I want to call.  Unfortunately, the problem I have when walking outside is still there but this headset makes it less noticable.  If I'm walking outside and the bluetooth is on my left ear (I'm left handed) and in my right pocket the sound will sometimes cutout when I turn my head to the left and when it does it seems to be for less time.  With the Plantronics, it was so much worse. 


    I purchased some Jabra Ear Gels ( when I was trying to use a Jawbone ERA which I returned because no one could hear me.  The ear gels work great with the H1700 and fit right over the earpiece.


    Based on what I went through, I would say that the problem is definately with the Iphone 4.  Maybe deleting everything on my phone and recreating it would solve the problem but honestly I've spent hours getting it the way I want and there is currently no way to get the Apps back in the right folders unless I do it manually so I guess I'll just have to wait until Apple fixes this issue.  I did send an e-mail to customer support to highlight the issue so we'll see what happens.  Anyway, thanks ron7624, I like the headset and once I get my money back for the Plantronics I'll have saved some money too.



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    Thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad you like it.  As I said in an earlier post, that bluetooth is pretty much line of sight, so if you put something between it, like your body, you may get a disconnect.  So planning to keep the phone on the side of your body that your headset is on while in use will help with your disconnect issues.  I don't know why the HM1700 works so well with the iphone, I'm just glad it does.



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    I just want to say that Bluetooth has never been line of sight with anything but the 4 for me.

    I would start the car in the garage and if my wife was the last one connected to the car and on the phone in the house

    it would switch to the car 50ft or more away.

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    I agree with Oliver.  Bluetooth is not line of sight.  Take a look at the link below.  There is definitely a problem with the 4 and I believe the 4s as well.




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    You know if I was my son who's now just experiencing a cell phone for the first time I probably wouldn't think twice about the Bluetooth problems. But I know that my Free! Razor from 2004 had flawless Bluetooth and so did every phone after that. So I know what the technology is supposed to do and for a $500+ billion dollar company like Apple to miss and/or deny this as a problem just ****** me off to no end. 


    I guess that's why this post is number one on my favorites.


    And me being a sucker twice is even worse. I knew that the 4 had the problem but I figured that a company like apple would fix it in the next version the 4S so I bought the new phone thinking that it would be back to the quality of the 3g. I was so wrong!


    We shouldn't be hear searching for a earpiece to make up for the inadequacy of the phone. Though it is great that we're all trying out options to get by till we're forced to upgrade in hopes that the next phone addresses the problem.


    All I have to say it that if the problem isn't solved with the 5 I will never buy or let any family member or business buy another apple product again if I can stop them.


    I've been getting by with my Jawbone era which is sad for such a high end full featured earpiece just to be getting mediocre rating due to a flaw in the phone.

    The earpiece is everything I expect when paired to my work blackberry curve.


    Oh well cross your fingers for the 5 Because we've all bought so many non transferrable apps for the iphones that we're kind of stuck. Don't even get me started on that

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    Several years ago when I bought my first bluetooth headset, the instructions stated that too many objects between the phone and the bluetooth radio could interrupt the signal.   Ever since then I have always taken note of that advice.  Often, I will leave my phone in the house and work in my yard with my headset on and I have have had no problems with walls blocking the signal between me and the headset.... knowing that when in a far part of the yard, with a lot of house between me and the phone, that I probably was disconnected.  The cool thing about the HM1700 is that it tells you when that happens and now I know when I'm disconnected and when I re-connect. 

    I understand and agree that bluetooth is supposed to go through walls. but personal experience tells me that the first bit of advice still holds true.  Roberts link is very specific about that, but I'm talking from a lot of personal experience with headsets.  I talk to customers all day long, and always on a head set.  BTW, the HM1700 has never registered a complaint from any of my customers.  No one believes that I'm using a headset when i tell them.

    I am in no way saying that there is not a problem with Apple's iPhones and bluetooth reception... there is a major problem and one that they must address.  But, I think that I've found the best headset to combat that problem for now and that is why I tout the advice I do.

    It's just me, but it works for me.



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    Definitely Ron and my posts are in no way directed at you. And it's great that everyone is trying out other options.

    I tried the Jawbone thanks to a post on here.

    I'm just voicing my frustration that I've had $15 knock off Motorola ear pieces work better on any other phone and apple still denies that there's a problem.

    We really shouldn't have to try 9 different earpieces to find one that works with our $200/$500 phones.

    But I really do appreciate peoples successes I should just pick up the 1700 and see.

    It's so cheap compared to what I've already spent trying to work around this problem.

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    What the heck for the $26 bucks on newegg let me give the HM1700 a shot.

    I would just love to be able to put my phone in my pants pocket again.

    I'm not looking for anything more.

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    Bad news for you: While I was impressed with the overall quality and value of the HM1700, I have all the same issues using it with my iPhone 4s as I do my far-more-expenseive Plantronics headset.


    I have no doubt at all that the 4s is to blame.  My daughter recently told me she has simply given up the dream of cordless headphones with Apple, and has gone to a wired headset.  I will soon follow suit :-(