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    I am totally on board with your post. That is EXACTLY how I feel too. Thanks for putting it together so succinctly.
  • Cumbre Level 1 (0 points)
    I think we are all wasting our time. We have pages and pages of posts and no resolution. Either Apple does not read these pages, or, they have our money and now don't care. Makes Android look attractive.
  • chashock Level 1 (0 points)
    I too have the bluetooth issue. I have a Plantronics Voyager Pro and a Motorola Endeavor HX1, neither of which will stay connected, and the audio quality for those whom I call is horrific. On my 3G, even after I upgraded to iOS 4, I had no issues (other than battery drain) with Bluetooth. I don't think this is only an iOS 4 issue. I think it is also directly related to this antenna design (because remember, there are multiple antennas on the device).

    I've also experienced the same dropping of connections and poor sound quality in rental cars that have built in bluetooth (like a Buick LaCrosse or Ford Sync). I never had issues with my 3G in those same vehicles.

    It would appear to me that the blatant arrogance that hurt Apple so badly in the early days of the PC market are rising quickly to the top in this mobile space. The competition is making them do things too fast and pushing their development envelope, which they won't just admit to having and tell the world they moved too fast on this device. It's probably all about how we put the ear piece in our ears, don't you know?
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    Apple doesnt ignore us...they just stay quiet and do things having the same issue with my iPhone 4 also on 4.0.1 also! My connectivity goes out all the time and it never connect. i didnt have that problem on my 3gs! and im using the same Jabra b5020. You all gotta realize Apple is not perfect(quoted from Jobs), its a business decision to leave stuff out so that we will have to update on the next software update.....which means if u jailbroke ur phone and ur having the bluetooth problem, you will have to update! lololol... Its a business and a game of cat and mouse
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    Great summary. I also am experiencing this issue on my iPhone4 on IOS4.01 on several different Bluetooth headsets (Plantronics Voyager pro, Discovery 975). I did not have these issues with the same headsets on my iPhone3G on 3.13.

    Similar to the numerous posts in this thread i have the following issues:

    1. Repeated disconnect/reconnect. (even if it's only in a pants pocket)
    2. poor range, callers report my voice sounds like it's in a tunnel if my phone isn't within 2 feet of headset. (even a pants pocket is often too far)

    I'd really like to know if this is being addressed in IOS4.1

    Thank you!
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    Iphone 4 will not connect properly to Dodge uconnect blue tooth system. When it does connect it will not let me call or answer. Last call I received the ring tone repeated it self until I shut phone down. My Iphone 3g worked just fine?? I know car system works fine as I've paired other phones and they work just fine? Any suggestions - think it's time to return iphone 4 and return to old iphone.
  • Big Steve H Level 1 (0 points)
    BT pair: Audi A4 2008
    Issue: BT won't connect (intermitent)
    Issue: bad reception
    Issue: Phone shuts off during call for 10-20 mins (powers off) this is the most annoying. I have to press the home/power button to restart too.
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    to beat a dead horse even more:

    2010 Tundra factory bluetooth worked fine with 3Gs and Blackberry Bold. When the iPhone 4 is connected everyone I talk to says I sould extremely muffled.

    Motorola Rokr S9HD stereo headset worked fine with the 3Gs and BB as well. When connected to the iPhone 4 it constantly looses reception (choppy) and for some reason the volume automatically increases itself until it max's out and just keeps beeping to alert you that the volume is at the maximum level. I **** sure hope they fix this soon because it is extremely annoying! I've had every iPhone since the first one and have had the most problems wiht the 4.
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    Another bluetooth wrinkle: Cardo Scala Rider G4 BT unit for motorcycle helmet: will pair with iPhone 4 IOS 4.01, but mic sound is muffled and nearly inaudible to caller/other phone, when sitting still not riding. iTunes works and sounds great. Sounds like a similar problem others are having with numerous more traditional BT units. Please fix this issue, Apple!
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    Well I've had my iPhone4 for a little over a week when I bought it I asked the guy in the O2 shop if the iPhone4 would work with my BT headphones and he confidently answered of course, it has the latest BT software. Well what a load of BS, yes you get sound but that is it you get no skip << < > >> functionality. Moreover, for the past two years I have had a BB Bold 9000 which worked seamlessly with my Sony DR-BT21G Stereo Bluetooth Headphones with all the remote functionality. In fact even whe I received a call I could take it through the headphones very clear and as soon as the call was closed straight back to the music "automatically" So what's wrong with the iPhone4? Apple are claiming that the iPhone4 has full AVRCP headphone remonte capability / functionality, it does not isn't that misrepresentation?
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    please go to

    and write to Apple all the issues you're having

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    Went to the Apple store and they replaced my Iphone 4 with a new one. People were very nice but the new phone did the same thing. Had a friend pair his Iphone 4 up with my uconnect system and it worked fine, other devices work with the system as well. Very frustrating. Agree with all postings - Steve Jobs is laughing all the way to the bank and does not realize the loyalty we all show to his products is rapidly deteriorating.
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    Similar problems staying connected with my BMW 5 series Handsfree. It will connect work for a while, and then randomly when I get a call or place a call it suddenly disconnects from the BT, but caller is still on. It does not happen all the time, but today it happened 4 times while I was driving on the freeway. Sometimes it re-connects, sometimes partially - so only dial works, sometimes only audio, and sometimes audio is terrible. I never had a problem with 3GS. This is very frustrating and dangerous. I have reported similar connection problems with Apple, and nothing yet works. My next step is to have them replace the Iphone 4. I doubt it will make a difference, but its possible that the radio in the phone 4 is slightly off frequency and that could cause these types of problems.
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    Apple switched out my phone on 8/6, same issues. I'm very frustrated with this issue as first and foremost this must be a reliable phone and bluetooth is a necessity.

    I have until the 21st to decide if I want to keep this phone or not and I've called Apple again to complain about this. If it were just me, I'd go back to my 3GS until they sort this one out but I bought my wife an ip4 as well, as her contract was up with Sprint, so I can't have her go back.
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    No connection issues for me, Just want full AVRCP pla pla please

    Yes ios 4.0.2 with full Avrcp support finally (in your dreams) Not this time folks, ( oh well
    would have been so nice if they just put it in 4.0.2

    A V R C P


    for not being there, This is my only gripe (must be patient) Boo )
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