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    I would first like to say that I appreciate the hard work people here in this forum have done to try to find and share solutions for what is obviously failure of the 4 and 4s phones. We've not heard a peep from Apple, so one can only assume there's more investigation going on here than at Apple. It's really unbelievable that a high-end phone can be so deficient on what is considered a commodity, basic function on even cheap phones today. I understand finding a shortcoming once a product is out in use with millions of customers. What I don't understand is a company that seems to simply say, tough luck. Buy our next phone. Maybe it'll be better.


    Some of you have been able to find solutions by changing your BT device. While it shouldn't be necessary, it is at least a work around.


    However, my situation is different. I have severe hearing loss and gradually was losing my ability to use a cell phone until hearing aid manufacturers began to build bluetooth capabilities into their systems. I first adopted this about three years ago, purchasing a device with my hearing aids that acts like the headsets you all use, but it couples with my hearing aids to enable me to hear. It worked so well with my old Blackberry that people were amazed to find I was on a BT device. It had a long range and great quality. Now I'm stuck with people asking me if I don't have something else I can use because they can't understand me, the timbre is so tinny it is annoying or it is just garbled. Sometimes if I cold start the phone, it works better for a while.


    I don't have the option of trying a different brand of BT device. Although I like the iPhone for many things, it has severely crippled by ability to use it as a phone. I use a cell for work and travel frequently. This is a major problem for me. I have no confidence that it is going to get any better so unless I want to pay hundreds of dollars to buy another phone, I'm stuck for a couple of years. Apple needs to acknowledge and deal with this issue.

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    You are correct themikado2005 the HM1700 is no better or worse than the Era.

    It just came in and I still do not get good reception when I put the phone in my pocket.

    And there are less features. Oh well Ebay time.


    still for the price the HM1700 isn't bad.

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    I just borrowed a friend's plantronics 640 and it worked flawlessly with my iPhone 4s. I have to say I really think it has something to do with the 4s noise canceling and it not playing well with certain headset's built in noise canceling. Does anyone know if there is a way to turn off the 4s noise cancellation when using a bluetooth headset? I vaguely recall this being an option on older iPhones but can't find anything close on the 4s. Still seems like something apple should look into for the next round of updates.

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    Hi guys I had the same problem my iPhone 4 running on iOS 5.1 wouldn't find my headset but when I turned on my headset just hold the button until your phone finds it..try it hope it works for you aswell.

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    Basically, there is an issue for the 4/4s with Bluetooth. After reading many posts as they get sent to my email, I've found a couple of "temporary" fixes. My earpiece (I've tried a great number of them, and it is the phone-not the earpiece/car) will get that static-y crackle or disconnect/ won't connect. I can hold it near my earpiece and it does fine, but that kind of defeats the purpose. After trying various things, here's what I do that seems to work pretty well: Every morning, I go to my multitasking bar and delete all the apps from it. I then do a two-button reset (pressing and holding both power and home buttons until it powers back up with the apple showing). Someone suggested this resets the Bluetooth stack. After it regains regular function and has found signal, I turn on my Bluetooth earpiece right next to the phone. It finds it easily and works pretty well. The problem I ran into, was that it would get that static part of the way through the day. Another suggestion that the Wi-fi continual searching affected the Bluetooth (antenna doesn't like being shared) was worth checking on. When I'm not intentionally on Wi-Fi I turn it off. It made a significant difference as well.


    Hope this helps others. Again, not a permanent fix, but it kept me from chucking it out the window.

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    Great suggestion here from Sean, turn off the wi-fi because it competes with the blue tooth. I tried it and after two days the difference is amazing. I didn't need to reboot or hold the earpiece close to the phone. I'm using Plantronics Voyager and 4S.


    Thank you Sean.

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    Too bad Apple hasn't put 5Ghz 802.11a/n on the iPhones.  If it were available (as it is in the iPad) I could just attach to my wifi router on that frequency range and not have any interference problems with Bluetooth.  As it stands, that workaround is not useful to me since I don't wish to use my AT&T bandwidth from home.


    BTW, I am having more success with the HM1700 than the expensive Jawbone ERA.  While the Jawbone has better fit and features, it is cheaper to replace the HM1700 when I eventually throw it off a bridge in a fit due to these BT issues.  (I can get 3 or more HM1700s for one Jawbone).

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    Reporting yet another BT issue with iPhone 4 playing stereo music to Sony IS800 BT Stereo Headset. Calls are marginally ok with the phone in a case and holster. Playing music over the BT Headset is only possible when the phone has a direct line of sight with the headset and less than 6 ft away.


    I will try the reset ritual as Sean described.


    Apple, please get this fixed already.

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    My brand new 4S sees no devices at all around it although the ipad next to it is searching and it sees 4-5 devices. I am trying to use my iphone as a remote for the new Keynote and I can not even get the ipad to see the phone or vice versa.


    This is a mess now I am starting to regret buying this phone.

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    I have the Motorola Rokr S9 HD blue tooth headset.  It works if you don't touch the iPhone anywhere on top of the device.  Its fine in an armband.  Its seems like if the face camera is covered and the the lock button is touched the phone locks BT transmission.  I have tested the combos.  If you cover the camera, no problem.  if you touch the top of the phone it rerely has a problem.  If you touch both the phone seems to lock. There is no setting in general to contol the face lock.  I think it is a functon of the feature that locks your touch screen when you use your phone as a phone.  Anyone have any thoughts on the issue or a soultion?

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    I had an iPhone 4 which worked fine with a Jawbone ERA, but now my new 4s won't recognize it no matter what I do.  It recognized it once before I updated to OS 5.1.  Now, nothing.  I've turned off the wifi per the suggestions above. 


    Any other suggestions?  Is there any concensus on whether the Samsung works better or the same as an ERA with a 4s?


    I drive with hand controls and if this is not solvable, affordably, I may need to go to Droid during my 14 day trial period.  Rediculous. 


    Thanks for any good input.

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    Brief update:  Jawbone is having problems updating with the newest Mac OSX Lion update.  I wonder if it's having similar problems with OS 5.1.  (I removed my Otterbox Defender just to make sure it was not causing interference, and the 4s still won't recognize the ERA after the 5.1 update.)


    That aside, is there any concensus on an affordable bluetooth that works with the 4s?  I have seen a couple people mention Plantronics, but two of those worked fine and first, then did not work well at all, with my 4.  I'd consider the Samsung if it's not expensive.


    Thanks again for any suggestions.

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    I'm having problems recently too.  I have an iPhone 4 (refurbed), located in the USA, my provider is AT&T.  My Bluetooth earpiece is a Jawbone "Aliph" series.  Worked great with my iPhone 3G.  For a while, it appeared to work fine with the iPhone 4 too, but I'm having the same problems lots of people have reported here--if you put the iPhone in a pants or jacket pocket, connectivity drops or the voice quality becomes so bad it might as well drop.  I'm not 100% sure, but I think I noticed this problem really become bad when I upgraded the iPhone 4 to iOS 5.1.1.  Hopefully, Apple Inc is listening to our complaints and will fix this in an upcoming release.  It'd be great if this were a software fix, i.e. through an iOS build, rather than hardware.

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    The temporary reset and apps management ritual report by Seanconmar really helped. My Sony IS800 BT Stereo Headset works quite well after a full charge. Both calls and music are operating much better, though not perfect, even while in case and holster.



    Worth a try. Good luck.


    Apple - get your act together already.


    Suffering from HTC One envy. Putting up with company issued iPhone 4.