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  • Larry Bratsch Level 1 Level 1

    Ok, here's my 2¢.


    I have found the same issue (people not being able to hear me talk or me sounding like I'm very very far away) with the Voyager Pro and Voyager Pro HD. I have found that it comes and goes. Sometimes resetting iverything works, sometimes it doesn't.


    One thing that I don't see mentioned anywhere is the fact that, in my experience, the headset works fine with the Voice Memos recording feature, even when it's not working with phone calls. To me, that seems to point to an issue that is specific to phone calls over a Bluetooth headset, rather than just a problem with the Bluetooth in general.


    I've tried multiple other headsets with my iPhone 4 (iOS 5.1 and 5.1.1) and not experienced the same issue. I have had no problems with any other headset. It seems like the problem must be with the firmware on the Plantronics headsets as far as the sound issue goes.


    The connection problems, though, seem to be more universal to various brands of headsets. As it comes and goes, and is 4/4S specific, it almost certainly must be related to the antenna on the phone, therefore more difficult to fix. I'm guessing that Apple has found that to be the case, which is why they've been silent on the issue.


    I'm hoping that the iPhone 5 finds a solution to this mess, and I'm hoping that it comes out soon! I have the summer off from work, but don't really want to go back to work in the fall without the benefit of the fantastic sound quality of the Voyager Pro HD!

  • Chuckie 1965 Level 1 Level 1

    I have posted in other places on the Apple forum with similar problems using several different bluetooth headsets. I can now confirm however that the only headset that has worked for me is my new Bose Series 2, someone else said the same thing somewhere else on the forum.


    I would have tried it months ago but my local Apple store here in Birmingham Uk had only the right ear version and I needed the left ear one and they wern't that helpful in offering to get any in. In the end I ordered direct from the Apple website and in all fairness now being able to use my Ip4 without messing about with a cabled headset which was a pain has been a godsend and put me back to before I first got the Ip4 nearly 2 years ago when I was using my Nokia and eveything worked fine.


    The one thing I would say though is under fairly heavy use the battery on the Bose 2 doesn't last as long as I would have expected but this isn't really a major problem as I can just keep it topped up and could be because I'v not used one properly in a long time and have forgotten how long my old one lasted before.


    Hope this helps.

  • Billy Bone Level 1 Level 1

    Yes there is a annoying problem with the Bluetooth devices on the iPhone 4 & I worked out that if you disconnect from your wifi by activating the personal hotspot then the Bluetooth will work! However this is only a work around & apple will have to fix the problem because people like ourselves have paid a lot of money for faulty goods! The word will soon spread if apple does not resolve this issue quickly, & the result will be that Samsung will further dominate the market with their intelligent products.. (galaxy iii) of which has a good write up.


    Thoughts anyone......

  • stizzytech2112 Level 1 Level 1

    I have recently switched from Blackberry Bold to iphone 4s due to company decision. I use the phone as a phone more than texing/surfing the net or whatever.

    The Bluetooth quality with the same Plantronics Voyager Pro and iphone is pitiful. I have used several Plantronics Bluetooth headsets over the past 7 years with outstanding performance and clarity, using several different brands of phones. I used several automobile built in Bluetooth devices and the current Plantronics Voyager Pro with great success with Blackberry, but just about unusable with iphone. Every minute to minute and a half there is a buzzy static occurrence. During a conversation the words sound like the person talking is going over a rumble strip, audible to the listener on the other end or myself. When on a multi-hour conference call, I switched from car to Plantronics to phone to wired headphones. the last two were fine the other two resembled the same static garbled sound. Even when using SIRI over Bluetooth you can hear it.

    Anyway, I have spoken with Plantronics, Radio Shack and several other resources who corroborate this short coming of the phone. Back to my original statement, it is a phone right??

    So after combing through this post i tried the Bose Series 2 with great results. I would say it is equal to my Blackberry with Plantronics.

    So if you want to save a lot of time, but pay a premium price, get yourself a Bose Series 2!

  • clockshaw Level 1 Level 1

    Try this!

    Close all running apps on your iPhone (double click the home button and close all apps that appear on the bottom).  Make sure your phone has a decent charge.

    I swear it works for me everytime my BT starts acting up.

  • SouthMiamiLegal Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah.  After a year of frustrating tests, I think it's Dragon Dictation and Shazam that make my BT stop working.  It's a software issue.  I have done lots of personal tests opening apps and then calling someone, then moving away from the phone (distance between phone and earpiece), then closing the app(s) and then calling again -- repeatedly, to replicate the problem.  Very disappointing, actually, since it means that every time I get a phone call, I have to get out of whatever app I was using before...

  • OliverM3 Level 1 Level 1

    Well years later and I have to say the only thing that finally fixed the bluetooth issue was the new iphone 5.

    It's just a bad design with the 4 and they seemed to finally fix the signal issue with the phone I even get good reception finally at my office.


    It's not all good news I've actually been one of the unlucky people with the touchscreen issue


    Great huh? the next **** problem to fight with apple about and this one may actually be worse since the phone is unusable when you're having this issue.


    When will I leard? stop buying apple!!!

  • Zekebrad Level 1 Level 1

    I have the Iphone 5 and the bluetooth problems still exist I tried 5 different headsets so do not waiste your time the only bluetooth headset that works 100% perfect with iphone 4,4s and iphone 5 is the Bose series 2 . Case Closed Apple you Suck!! I've been dealing with this for years.

  • OliverM3 Level 1 Level 1

    Well I have to agree apple does suck we're all sheep buying thir crap over and over again even though It doesn't work.

    The 5 works fine with the jawbone era.  I can put the phone in my pocket unlike the 4 and 4s. 

    Could be the Lowpower Bluetooth 4 that they switched to after the 3.


    F...  My **** screen is acting up and I can barely finish this message.

    What a crappy company.  Hey thanks for shipping this American product directly from china.

  • tuffntiny Level 1 Level 1

    I bought 3 new plantronics bluetooth headsets. The latest was 200 euro. I dont think it has much to do with ios6. I had poor sound quality even before 6. I have a 4s iphone. I can hear every one perfectly, but certain people cannot hear me. Some not at all.

    I believe it may have something to do with what phone the OTHER party has. I find blackberry users, iphone, android etc... Can hear me just fine. But those with an older phone... Not so much. My friend with a samsung smartphone,(pretty old model) can never hear me. Same as another friend with a very old nokia of some kind.

    Its funny because when i had the blackberry bold from 2 yrs ago...everyone could hear me always.

    Now I am forced to talk with no bluetooth, because several people complain they cant hear me.


    I dont like this. I had a brain tumor a few yrs ago, and I absolutely do not like putting the phone to my ear. Only for this reason, I truely regret buying the iphone.


    It may be an apple motive to get everyone to buy iphone. Anyone else able to pinpoint the same problem with the quality of phones our friends have, and us not hearing them?

  • tuffntiny Level 1 Level 1

    You are a genious! It worked!!! Activated hotspot, choosing bluetooth, called the same friend, who 30 minutes before said she could not hear one word while i used my bluetooth... I called her back now she said she hears me perfectly! Better than ever!!!! Lets hopeit keeps up!!!   You should post this all over the world! Thanks


  • Oldskoole Level 1 Level 1

    Ive had an imac since 2007 which i guess will be made obsolete when the follow-up to ML comes out. I bought an iphone 4 recently to have a phone that works in snyc with my mac. Ive upgraded my mac so everything is running new software and hardware and the phone is running ios6. Other than general teething problems its worked ok but now i have bought a handsfree device for it ive found that not only does it not pick up that device but it doesnt detect ANY devices under bluetooth. I drive for a living and by UK LAW i have to use a handsfree kit. (i was prosecuted earlier this year for not using one and now i am without one again thanks to apple.


    I will be looking to buy new computer and phone next year and unless this bluetooth issue is acknowledged and being sorted out I will be be taking my business elsewhere and i will will do my upmost to persuade others to do the same thing.


    ***********************************APPLE LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS**************************************


    there are always glitches with new systems we all understand that but if you choose to ignore what we are all saying on here we will definately be ignoring your products this christmas and beyond. In this internet age bad publicity spreads fast and this thread is not only old but long. Thats a lot of angry people, just wanting you to put your hand up and say " yea we screwed up but we're working on it". Give people peace of mind.

  • daveyates Level 1 Level 1

    Oh god... I hate it when I suddenly get an issue with my iphone and find the support thread is already 42 pages long. 


    I use tethering on an iphone 4 to provide web connection via Bluetooth to my ipad 3. After several months of this working fine, this morning it didnt:


    1. No 'Personal Network' option showing up on the iphone
    2. Bluetooth not working between either device - they see each other, but will not connect.


    First action: Hard and soft restarting, turn everything on and off etc. etc.

    Result: Nothing


    Second Action: Speak to Apple support to sort out Bluetooth. They discovered that my phone seemed to be registered to someone else completely (worryoing). Otherwise, they advised me to reset network, do hard and soft restart, etc. etc.

    Result: Nothing.


    Third Action: Speak to my phone network (o2 in the UK) to sort out personal network. Basically, they are useless at the best of times. In summary they told me to clean install from iTunes.

    Result: Pending (but sounds a bit desperate. It was installed in the first place without an itunes sync/reinstall) Suspect it is their usual ploy is of lying until you go away and stop bothering them.


    Fourth Action: Apple will be contacting me later to speak to me on a land-line while they talk me through messing with the settings on my iphone

    Result: Pending

  • Chuckie 1965 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Dave


    I use the Hotspot feature in settings on my iphone 4 to connect my ipad 3 to the net. Altho the ipad 3 has is gsm and wifi its sometimes says iv hit my data limit so i just connect thru my iphone.


    I definately wouldnt bother doing it thru bluetooth as the hotspot feature allows you to use the phone like a wifi router.


    Also occassionaly i have to switch both off to reset them but tbf this is no biggy n is failry standard with most IT.


    Hope this helps.

  • ecantadore Level 1 Level 1

    I have two iPhones (4 running on iOS 4.x and 4S running on 5.1.1). I have just started using the 4S and ran into this issue, it won't pair with any bluetooth devices I have, not even with the iPnone 4. It is reidiculous that Apple simple does not care about it and keep throwing us at othe rocmpanies asing for support on their devices that do work and are compatible with anyone else.


    Before complaining about Apple's stupid phones, I carefully tested all my bt devices connecting them to each other. I have devices manufactured by Dell, Sony, Samsung, LG, etc, everything works as expected but Apple's. What else do we need to do in order to get some respect from Apple?


    Same thing with the battery on the 4S, is gets depleted in half the way as compared to the older iPhone 4, simply ridiculous.


    Apple, make your products work instead of spending money on fancy TV campaigns!!!