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  • iPhoNettie Level 2 Level 2
    I was using the Motorola H17 and was told I sounded like I was far away and just not clear, then I tried the Plantronics Discovery 975, but when standing in front of a fan (to test the wind noise reduction technology they claim) the person on the other end said they could hear swishy sounds (I wasn't very close to the fan) coming from my end. I was able to exchange it for the Jawbone Icon. So far the Jawbone has been working very well. It hasn't disconnected when using it and others hear me just fine. Plus it's more comfortable than I expected it to be.

    Hope this helps.

  • boisedan Level 1 Level 1
    I also have the Motorola Endeaver HX1 headset. It worked fine on my previous phone (Motorola V9). Now I am constantly geting "Phone 1 disconnected" and "Phone 1 connected". This happens numerous times an hour. This is very annoying. I also am hearing from people I talk to while using this headset that they are having trouble understanding me. I have only had this phone for 9 days but will return it to AT&T within the grace period if Apple cannot fix it. I can't have a phone that doesn't work with Bluetooth and I really like this phone! Too bad. Help!!!
  • suzy greenberg Level 1 Level 1
    I am having so many problems with my bluetooth. I have a Jawbone Icon (which they sell at the Apple store) and it drops anytime it in my pocket and has horrible range as well as the muffled sound everyone is experiencing. I thought it was the Icon so I took it in to replace and they gave me a brand new one, but exactly the same problem keeps happening. I talk in the car all day for work and California requires a handsfree device. I'm hoping it will be fixed in the upcoming update. Otherwise I'm going to have to take in to the Apple store.
  • rob47126 Level 1 Level 1
    I agree we too had the Iphone 3gs and had no problem with the bluetooth. We could be on the 2cnd floor and the phone on the 1st floor and still have a good quality call. Since we upgraded to the Iphone 4 we have had poor call quality with any bluetooth device and it will not stay connected. Apple replaced our phones and they suggested that we have our bluetooth replaced just to be on the safe side.
    So we replaced them and to our not so supprised mind it still did the same thing. This is such 'BS' and I can not beleive that after seeing all the complaints that apple reps are still denying that something is wrong. I want to reach through the phone and slap some since into them.
    We have tryed everything that they have suggested and went through 5 differant bluetooths and still they no nothing more. Other than they want to play the BLAME GAME and say that we need to contact the manufacture of the bluetooth device because it is not compatible with the Iphone 4. I told that rep that we have already contacted them and they said that common since would be that if it works with every other phone and in fact worked on the Iphone 3gs just fine.
    We all payed top dollar for the phone and yet we receive a phone that does not preform to top quailty. Something needs to be done and quickly because APPLE is blinded by the money the money that they took from us.
  • bmwhd1 Level 1 Level 1
    As has been pointed out in this and other threads. The garbled BT audio issue is resolved in iOS 4.1 beta 3. The full production version is likely just around the corner. Hang tight.
  • iPhone Bluetooth Bummer Level 1 Level 1
    Is there a fix for the iPhone 4 Bluetooth blunder?
  • equlizer Level 1 Level 1
    I just posted in another thread. here is the link:
  • toome Level 1 Level 1
    I too was duped into buying the defunct Iphone 4. Listening to all the ads on TV about being able to chat with face time, I really thought Apple had come up with something new and innovating. Only to find out after I bought the phone that it will only do face time calls when you are connected to a wifi network. To hear Steve Jobs talk about it, you would think Apple came up with the video voice chat program idea that are free to everyone on the internet. Because that is all the Iphone 4 is. A hand held webcam that will only work if you are on a WiFi network.
    But putting that aside, I thought the Iphone 4 had much to offer. I tried to convince myself I could accept the problem iphone antenna that dropped calls. Take great care of the ridiculously delicate glass case the iphone 4 is made of. But when I found out that the Bluetooth device in the iphone 4 will not connect with any of my devices, like both of my factory car bluetooth systems, all 3 different brands of bluetooth headset gear I have, it was the final draw for me. And to learn that Apple is not interested in fixing this problem, instead trying to get people to just accept not using bluetooth really made me mad.
    It reminded me of a story my father told me as a child about a man who was determined to buy a suit made by the most expensive suit maker in town. He was convinced that it was the best looking suit anyone in town could have owned. And when he learned that there was only the one suit left at a local store, he knew he had to have it as he would be the talk of the town. But when he went to try on the suit he realized that it was a completely defective suit. One arm was too long, the other too short. One Leg too wide the other two narrow. The Jacket was crooked and the cuffs weren't even. But the suit truly looked divine. And as the sales person told him how amazing the suit looked on him, he asked how it could look so nice with so many problems. "That's easy to fix!" the sales person said, “if you lift your one knee slightly, lean to one side and grab the edge of the cuff in your fingers. Hunch over just a little and stretch out your other arm to fill out the other sleeve.” As he looked in the mirror he was amazed, the sales person was right, the suit looked amazing! He was sure that he would be the talk of the town. And he was right, for as he tried to maintain that posture walking down the street, people did stare. And he would hear them say, "what an amazing suit, to bad that poor old decrepit man is wearing it."
    What I can’t believe is that I ended up being the guy who bought that stupid suit!!!
    I can't believe apple can't fix this bluetooth problem. That's a major issue. It's illegal to use a phone without hands free where I live. I need that feature. If I can't get it to work in the iphone, I will have to return both iphones I bought and I will do all I can to inform the public about these problems Apple will not fix.
    (sorry for the long post but I'm so upset!!)
  • rcarbuccia Level 1 Level 1
    Well said. Let's hope apple reads it.
  • shwet Level 1 Level 1
    I cant connect any device. My Nokia, blackberry and laptop paired up and detected eachother but its the the same with my IPhone 4.

    I hope the problem is solved cause i am really depressed.
  • parradoc Level 1 Level 1
    Yes its true 4.1 has the track skip, just click check for update even though the next auto was due on 10/9/10 it is there already, well done apple ) the iphone 4 for me is now complete,

    i dont want to jail brake my phone, apple please go look at what the most popular downloads are in cyida and then make a app store version of them please

    I would like
    springflash so i can use led torch from lock screen with a shake

    and the one that allows you to get to settings with a swipe along the top of the screen

    and perhaps some of the themes changes

    also more than 12 in a folder app would be nice too

    plus please put an i3 in the 13" so i can up grade from my macbook

    Now im gonna go find a large hill so I can shout
    "Yay 4.1 Yay 4.1 Yay 4.1 Yay 4.1 Yay 4.1 Yay 4.1 Yay 4.1 Yay 4.1 Yay 4.1 Yay 4.1 Yay 4.1 Yay 4.1 Yay 4.1 Yay 4.1 Yay 4.1 Yay 4.1 Yay 4.1 Yay 4.1 Yay 4.1 Yay 4.1 Yay 4.1 Yay 4.1 Yay 4.1 Yay 4.1 Yay 4.1"
  • parradoc Level 1 Level 1
    everyone go get 4.1 )
  • RichWin Level 1 Level 1
    Well 4.1 hasn't helped me with my bh-904 , iphone still won't play music or anything other than a basic phone call. Apple's attitude really *****, since they barely acknowledged the fault the first time, I have to assume it will take them even longer to admit it still exists and fix it properly. Anyone know a list of headsets that actually work, I'm going to have to buy a new one. Pathetic job apple.
  • John O Donnell Level 1 Level 1
    I've just bought an iphone4 from vodafone and thankfully I haven't experienced some of the more serious issues listed below. However, the bluetooth on my iphone4 does not work properly. I have a brand new state of the art top spec iMac, a Dell netbook and my old Nokia all paired with the iphone4 but no matter how many times I try to connect using bluetooth I keep getting a message back saying the devices could not connect with each other. I have got the iphone to "forget" the 3 devices and restarted from scratch by pairing them all up again but when you press the "connect" to the device nothing happens and the error message appears again. Vodafone support blame Apple and Apple support don't seem to have an answer. Any ideas as to where I may be going wrong?
  • briancochran Level 1 Level 1
    I think I will just give up. Many people seemed happy with the 4.1 update, which Apple techs said fixed the bluetooth problem that Apple never even acknowledged existed. However, it still does not work with my Pioneer in my car. I went to Apple Monday and the tech reset the phone and said this will work, or it's the phone. (This is already my second I Phone 4.) I did all they said and it did not work. So, I went back and they gave me a new phone. It too, does not stayed paired with the Pioneer that has worked with all previous I Phones. So they are now convinced it is the Pioneer! So, I asked them to sell me a bluetooth head set to use in the car. They said all their store had was "older" blue tooth sets and they would not work well with the I Phone and I should search the web for some headset that the manufacturer was sure with work with the latest software version! I never expected this type of treatment from Apple.
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