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IPhone 4 doesn't allow reasonable range and other issues with bluetooth headset. Fyi, tried with Apple Bluetooth headset which worked perfectly with IPhone 3G & IPhone 3G-S. Issue, you can have IPhone 4 in shirt or pant pocket and bluetooth will disconnect. Also, you can have IPhone 4 inside car and close the door while standing right outside the door and bluetooth disconnects. This never happened with previous models including IPhone 3G-S with IOS 4 installed.

Other bluetooth issues: as others reported - muffled sound quality to person your talking to. Time delays and disconnects with bluetooth Uconnect. IPhone 4 won't let you change between your car audio phone feature back to IPhone 4 without freezing.

IPhone 4,, iOS 4, Bluetooth Issues
  • gdgmacguy Level 7 Level 7
    Are you stating your experience, or are you asking for help? I'm unclear from your posting.
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    I have and iPhone 4 and a jawbone icon and the device disconnects on average 12 times per hour I just replaced the jawbone with a new one today thanks to the warranty and still the same problem it also happens on my wife's iPhone 4 so this has to be and iPhone problem I just hope they fix this soon since I can't use my phone in the car without the headset. Hmmm that might be a good thing lol
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    I have the same issue, since I got my iPhone4 people are having a hard time hearing me on my bluetooth headset. I have since bought three other types, all with the same problem. I also noticed my range went down to 5 feet. I just got a second iPhone4 a week ago and it has a range of 30+ feet and no garbled sound. Taking my iPhone4 back for a warranty replacement - convinced it's the phone! BTW: Same headset I used for my 3GS works great on my wifes iPhone4 - it's not the headsets.
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    Original iPhone 4 plus brand new motorola H17 headset = muffled voice, no one can understand me.

    Replacement iPhone 4 (because of proximity sensor) and original/new H17 = muffled voice.....

    Replacement iPhone 4 and replacement , again brand new H17 (because I thought it was the headset) = muffled voice.

    New H17 headset on wife's 3GS = crystal clear.

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    Yeah, there is no need to experiment. It is something with the iPhone 4. I have built-in bluetooth and never had a problem with the 3GS. Ever since I got the new phone, everyone I call says it sounds muffled. Hopefully with enough complaints there is a patch in the upcoming update.
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    I have a very expensive bluetooth headset. Worked marvelously with iphone 3G. Sound is crap on the iphone 4. The phone will be on the table in front of me and the sound is muddy and noisy. This is simply unacceptable. Switched back to old bluetooth headset. Just as bad. UN-ACCEPTABLE.
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    bought my brother an iPhone 4 and everyday i have issues as he uses a bluetooth (Plantronics Voyager Pro) to talk on it.. VERY-VERY muffled sound quality.. i told him about it, told him to "RESET NETWORK SETTINGS", and for the rest of that day everything seemed fine. thinking it was the bluetooth, he went and exchanged it for a brand new one (same model Plantronics...) he never had sound quality problems with his previous phone and his bluetooth.

    a week later, i bought myself an iPhone 4.. a lil relieved i'm not having as bad of signal/bars loss / antenna issues as i was expecting-after experiencing such issues while playing with the display phones in the apple store.. however, i (have the same model Plantronics Voyager Pro) am having the same issues of muffled sound quality while utilizing my bluetooth (while holding and especially NOT holding the phone).. @first i figured, well the bluetooth antenna is wrapped around the phone, maybe that's it? BUTT:i'm using the bumper and most of the time i'm not even holding the phone.. tonight i was talking on my bluetooth and after a nice 30min convo, the sound quality went bad!.. SMH :-/.. AGAIN, i thought it was my bluetooth.. so, i have another line/service/phone, i made the call on that phone and everything was perfectly fine! ughhh!!!... after talking for 5min, i made the call from the iphone to test it out and the sound quality was ok, again.. SMH!!!.. this is totally NOT ACCEPTABLE!.. will give the software update a chance!, if it doesn't come w/in 30days, or if it doesn't fix these serious issues, (so sad to say, but) RETURN!!!!

    other than these serious issues, the iPhone 4 is soooo smokin' fast, i luv it! please please please, Apple, iPhone 4-don't fail me NOW!!!!!!
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    Same issue here. Just bought a new Jawbone ICON The Rogue, and most callers complain that they can't hear me or I sound muffled or drop packets.

    This seems to be an iPhone4 issue....
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    I can't even get my bluetooth to pair with my handsfree device or my Bose bluetooth device. The 3gs paired easily. Weird. Let's get this fixed Apple.
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    I too have an H17 and am experiencing the same problem. the bluetooth on my old phone was outstanding. does nobody at Apple use a bluetooth??? come on people! this needs to be fixed immediately! paying $300 for a phone and being unable to use a headset is completely unacceptable! what are people in states where talking without a headset is against the law supposed to do???
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    I too have been having massive problems with the Bluetooth Plantronics Voyager pro. the people on others end can't hear you or sounds muffled, continuous disconnects, the range a definite problem. then going back and forth with Apple on this.

    Called Apple support back today, this time I actually used the Bluetooth the Voyager pro, it was kind of funny the Apple guy kept saying I can't hear you, i can't understand what you are saying. you sound like you're really muffled. So i took it off blue tooth and I said now that's the problem that I've been having.

    so far I have swapped out the phone
    restored the phone is a new phone to factory settings as the Apple tech said.

    Still same problem exist, he put me on hold talk to the supervisor and his supervisor confirmed that yes there are problems with this particular model of Bluetooth headsets, the Voyager pro. he said another update was coming out for the ISO 4 in a couple weeks. That may fix the problem was the answer. but that was no guarantee. he suggested getting another Bluetooth headset. and I don't know about you guys but that's not an option, I've just spent $100 on this one.

    I have done a lot of research on the net trying to find out any way to fix this, and one thing for sure Is Plantronics needs to step up to the plate and start addressing this issue. over 95% of all the problems I found with the Bluetooth headsets directly mentioned the Plantronics Voyager pro.yes there were other problems with IOS 4 and Bluetooth but the Voyager was 95% of all i read. so what about it Plantronics no comments yet. If I do have to purchase another headset I promise you it will not be a Plantronics, if they can't even address this situation. The Apple tech said it looks like it's a problem with the Voyager pro and the noise canceling feature. now that part is probably BS. I'm just very angry that no one Apple or Plantronics are even admitting a problem with the Bluetooth. guys we need a fix or Apple and Plantronics will be history, at least with me anyway
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    This is my first iPhone, so I didn't really know what to expect. I am also haveing a problem with the bluetooth with my jawbone2. It started all of a sudden, the jawbone would give me the 'disconnected sound' and then a few minutes later give me the 'connected sound'. This is without the phone being touched, and with me not moving at all. (I was driving and it was on the seat next to me, about 3 feet away).

    For the temporary fix, I am using the included earphones, but this feels a whole lot like having a leash attached to me.

    Please Apple, fix this. You might see it as a small thing, but for me its a deal breaker, which would not make me happy because the phone is really nice otherwise.

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    I have been having quite a bit of problems as well with Bluetooth. I have owned every iPhone, and this one by far has the worst reception. My 3GS was amazing, I could walk 30 feet, into other rooms, and have a great clear conversation. This "iOS" needs a lot of tweaking. I use the Jawbone ICON. Not only can people not hear me, but the iPhone constantly drops the connection to my Jawbone. Like many others have said, you can't even put the phone in your pocket, you have to hold it in your hand. I would just rather use the phone without my headset, but it's practically impossible for me to put it to my face without pushing a button. Apple has a lot of work to do to make this right, I just hope it happens soon!
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    after my visit to the Genius Bar at my local Apple store they have determined (surprise!) that it's a software issue. looks like we're just going to have to ride this one out, folks!
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