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    I have the SAME EXACT PROBLEM!!! my iPhone 4 is 3 weeks out of warranty!!! Anyone have a good answer to this? Seems like a hardware issue because people on the other end say sometimes they hear static and computer modem garble and then I'm gone....Stupid! Apple needs to do something if there are this many people with the same problem! My iPhone is now an email/internet browser for life!?!?

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    I had the problem with the mic and people not hearing me, after a huge rigmaroll with

    the shop who sold me the iphone4, I called Apple Support Center in Germany. I was told

    to go directly to Apple, not an authorized dealer or teachnician! Directly to the Apple support center, Geniusbar

    if there is one. They checked for drop or water damages. If cleared, they replace it with a refurbish one within14 days

    a return no questions asked garantee. I don't know what is the real hardware problem with the mic

    but at least, I got a functioning phone! Try it , they might replace it if expired garantee is only  a couple of weeks old.

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    Same problem. Skype and music works, but not when making a call. I can hear them but they can't hear me. Presumably it's a built-in microphone issue, but somehow only related to making cellular calls. If I press hard on the center of the phone, sometimes they can hear me, but as soon as I let go the voice fades away.

    Sometimes the problem is linked to the proximity sensor as if I speak into the microphone without covering the front surface, the voice does not drop out. When I cover the surface without touching the phone, the voice disappeard. I thought I found a fix, but then eventually the voice faded away, and when I pressed on the center of the iphone again, it wasn't related to the proximity sensor any more.

    My phone is just two weeks out of warranty. I'll go to the Genious bar and hope they will still replace it.

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    I am experiencing the same problem. As the phone call gets started everything is ok, but within a few seconds, the person on the other side of the call hears static noise and then they cannot hear me.

    After reading the forum answers I decided to visit the Genius Bar, the "genius" took my phone and tested the voice Memos app and the mic is working fine. He then checke the mic and it had some lint. He cleaned it and then he closed all the app that I had opened, stating that the more open apps you have the least amount of memory to process voice. He then cleaned the mic and was ready to dismiss the case. I then got my second cell phone and placed a call from iPhone, and sure enough I could not hear the voice from the iPhone, I handed the phone to him, and he was like...well, you can buy a new one for $199, the phone is bad and out of the one year warranty.

    From my point of view, this is a software issue, since the hardware was tested and works just fine. And apple does not know how to resolve the problem.

    Test your mic with the Voice Memos App, if it works, the hardware is fine. Apple needs to step it up a notch and find a solution to this problem.

    Please let me know if anyone has found a solution to the problem, other than buying a new phone.


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    I have a solution to this problem - talk to another staff at Apple, or go to another Apple store.


    I went to the Genious Bar today and had my iPhone4 replaced with a new one.

    My phone was out of warranty by 3 weeks.


    When I went to the counter, I told the guy the symptoms. He asked if I've restored the phone. I told him I've updated to the latest firmware, backed up the phone, and tried everything else, but not restored it, because I've checked with the official online apple forum, and found out that this was a common major problem, and the restore does not fix it. I asked him if he knew of this issue, to which he replied yes, so I was relieved. I was prepared at the time to insist on asking someone else to help me, or go to another apple store if he wasn't informed of it, since you would be wasting time convincing them that this is general problem with the phone.


    So I told him that I've done my homework, tried everything possible, and now I would like a replacement of the phone. He then ran a diagnosis of the phone, checked the call and confirmed the issue. He said he still would like to restore the phone to see if it would fix it. I told him that I'd rather you just gave me a replacement, to which he said ok. But then he ran a check on my account and discovered that my warranty had expired. He told me that he couldn't give me a replacement because of this. So I told him that I know I am dealing with a general major issue of the phone, which I read on the official apple forum, and I have read that people have received a replacement phone even after the warranty had expired. This is an issue that Apple needs to resolve, not me. He then told me that he would need to establish an exception to the case to be able to replace my phone out of warranty. He would need to verify that the phone still does not work after a clean restore. I told him that's fair, and I waited 15min for him to restore the iphone, he took it to the back to check it again, then came back with a new phone. He told me that he was surprised the phone still didn't work because he was certain that this was a software problem. Obviously he hadn't dealt personally with this phone issue. He even knew of pressing in the center trick to get the voice back, as he thought that it was activating voice control to fix the voice back. I told him that banging on the phone or pressing other corners of the phone also restores voice temporarily, so I think it's a hardware issue. Now he believed me.


    So I think the best way is to talk to someone experienced who had dealt with this case already. Let them know that this is a general issue of the phone, and they should know it already if they've read the company notes.


    I've had a similar case with my first generation iPhone when the battery was bad and it started to overheat so much in my pocket that I had to take it out frequently to cool it down. It was draining the battery so when I took it to the Apple store, they knew of the problem straight away and replaced my phone without any issues, eventhough the warranty had expired by about 6 months. This was around the time certain laptop batteries were catching fire and causing bad publicity to the companies.

    I think Apple likes to keep bad press away by quietly replacing products with known issues. When they do, its a win-win situation for the consumer and the company.


    I just hope that the replacement phone won't have the same issues since it doesn't seem like they know what the cause of the problem is, or how to fix it. I was told that my replacement phone has a 90 day warranty.


    Good luck going back to the store and finding some reasonable staff to resolve your issue. Be prepared to return another day or go to another store to talk to the right person.

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    I have the same problem.  I've had an iphone4 for 15 months, and all of the sudden, people can't hear me talk, but I can hear them.  I can use Facetime just fine though.  Strange.  I tried rebooting, soft reset, hard reset, plugging in my ear buds (the call worked for 5 min, another for 10 before the other caller couldn't hear me).  It's not like I can call AT &T or apple, THEY WON'T BE ABLE TO HEAR ME! 

    So, I thought....hmmmm, what about Google voice?  So I placed several calls using that works.  I had several 15-20 min conversations.  No problems.  Then I thought, hmmmm, I wonder if I can place regular calls again.  So far, so good.  It's only been a couple of hours, but so far, the people on the other line can magically hear me.  If it goes out again, I'll use Google Voice until I need a new phone. 

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    I am having same issue. I got the black iPhone 4 when it first came out and I had not have any problem with phone function. All of sudden (starting the end of July this year), people cannot hear me and I did not know it was my problem because the microphone and the speaker just work fine.


    My wife has the white iPhone and she does not have any phone issue. I do not remember if I had any software update on her phone. But mine has the most recent version. I started using FaceTime or texting because people can not hear me.


    I think it is software issue, not hardware. After reading some of posts here, I tried closing down all active apps and called...  It worked randomly.  I did not try factory retore yet because it's time cosuming and I read one post saying it did not fix.


    It sounds like a lot of users having the same problem since last year... What a suprise...  I hope iOS 5 can fix the problem.

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    UPDATE--- I got a new 16gb White phone on Friday...2 weeks out of warranty on my black one!!! Had to pay $450 for the replacement!!! I figured out that if I pinched the top of the old phone around the earpiece People Could Hear Me!!!

    As long as I was punching it really hard I could make normal calls again on my broken phone!!! Granted, my max call length was only about 3-5 minutes because my hand starts cramping up!!!

    Try this out and see if it helps anyone else!

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    Everyone who's having this issue:

    Take it back to the Apple store and let them play with it.  The genuis guy I dealt with said it has something to do with the noise cancellation inherent in the software. 

    If you look at the top side (same surface) of the power button, you'll see a tiny hole there.  That picks up the background noise and should cancel it out while you talk.  For some reason, the defect is picking your noise too and it's cancelling it out hence the other party can't hear.  This only occurs while talking on the phone and doesn't affect applications like microphone record, Skype, or spearkerphone becuase they don't make use of background noise cancellation.

    At the bar, they'll do a hardware reset first and see if it works. Make sure you test it out yourself with a conversation for at least five minutes because for me, after he reset it, it worked for a few minutes and I walked out of the store.  Afterwards, i tried it out and it died after the magical 3 minutes.  I returned to the same genius and he just gave me a replacement phone.

    Although I appreciate the quick replacement, I wonder how this'll work out after another year when my warranty expires.  I'm very disappointed about this and I can forsee a class action suit down the road.  Before the replacement, my phone was only 6 months old...

    In anycase, if you cannot afford the replacement fee after your warranty expired, you can use the speakerphone or blutooth attachment.  That's one way of going around this problem.

  • togethersuperpower Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks, Trooper_One.  I removed the bumper and tap the little hole next to the head phone jack.....  I tested the phone and it works.  If someone can't hear me, then I will try tapping the headphone jack area..  But I do not want that happens any time soon.

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    I am having the exact same problem, it started like 5 days out of my warranty period, I called my local Apple Retail store and there closed for some reason, for like a week.  I can call ppl, but noone can hear me, everything else works great, ive babied my phone for the whole time ive had it, and to have something like this happen, is frustrating, and i tried pinching really hard up by the mic, and it does work, ppl can hear me, but it hurts my hand to squeeze my phone, i just made an appointment with a genuis, so hopefully they can help me out.  I will be 11 days out of warranty by the time i get to see a technician. 

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    I was having the same issues with my iphone4.  I just found another help thread on another site and tried it.  ...It worked.  We'll see for how long!  See below:


    'This has ben a common problem for most iPhones versions, seems to be a software glitch, as stated by lifesabeach, the solution for most is to plug and unplug earphone or headset into the jack a few times, seems to kick it back onto the right track.'

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    I just tried your solution guitar38gury, I hope it works. I'm sick of this issue so I decided to sell my iPhone and buy the new Samsung Gallaxy S II, I just placed the order at

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    So far this worked for me too. The headphone plug in that is. Thanks so much! Sent my phone to apple and they returned the repaired phone back to me doing the same thing. Tried this and have made 2 calls and people can hear me again. Hope it stays this way!

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    I am experiencing the exact same problem.

    I was robbed, someone stole my iPhone 4 and I had to buy a new one.


    People can't hear me, no matter what I do.

    I tried tapping it, shaking it, I tried that plugging and unplugging earphone thing...


    Nothing makes the person hear me, except when I use speakerphone or earphone.


    I don't know what to do, I'm really upset. =\

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