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  • BlueHaze2010 Level 1 (0 points)
    I'm very confused myself if this is a hardware or software issue, because I sent mine back to AppleCare with the problem. After doing lots of diagnostic checks and tests on the phone, it was returned to me after only a few days because they could not find a thing wrong with it. I also went to my local O2 shop a new sim before this because Apple said that my sim card might be faulty. Again the same problem occurred.

    Now I'm at a position where 'what do I do next' and before you ask, myself and AppleCare have tried restoring and re-installing the 4.1 SW. Next step is maybe to try the 4.2 update when it is released in November. After reading lots of posts on here, this problem is getting more and more wide-spread. Apple needs to recognise this issue and deal with it. Don't get me wrong I love Apple and the iPhone 4, but this is a huge problem and needs sorting out.
  • LUISZ Level 1 (0 points)
    the iPhone 4 it has 3 months on sale and the problem its just known now?? is illogical
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    Just a few days ago I bought my first Iphone .. so far it's looking like it was a huge mistake as I have the same problem as everyone else here. Only way anyone can hear me is when I'm on speakerphone. And the darn place I got the Iphone don't do exchanges so I have to send it directly to apple for replacement or repair. Looks like I'll be without a phone for a month. Unreal!
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    I live in Spain and I have the same problem. I've had two iPhone 4, I've had 2 micro SIM. The microphone works on the voice recorder applications ... does not work on phone calls. In Apple Care say the phone is fine, the operator (movistar) say the phone is fine, but the problem persists.

    I came up with IOS 4.0.1 and happens to me iOS 4

    I'm desperate and it seems that Apple wants no part of the problem. We need a solution now. Please Apple do something because we are many users who have this problem with the phone calls.

    Thank you very much


    Vivo en España y tengo el mismo problema. Ya he tenido dos iPhone 4, ya he tenido 2 micro SIM. El micro funciona en la grabadora de voz, aplicaciones... no funciona en las llamadas telefónicas. En Apple Care dicen que el teléfono está bien, el operador (movistar) dicen que el teléfono está bien, pero el problema no se soluciona.

    Me ocurrió con el iOS 4.0.1 y me ocurre con el iOS 4

    Estoy desesperado y Apple parece que no quiere saber nada del problema. Necesitamos una solución ya. Por favor Apple haz algo porque somos muchos usuarios los que tenemos este problema con las llamadas telefónicas.

    Muchas gracias
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    I am having the same issue, IPhone 4. When I received a call the caller says they can't hear me. It works fine when I am on a speaker phone call or, Bluetooth, or headset. Must be an issue with the mic or the noise cancelation.
    I've bought in Paris and do I have to go to Paris, to solve this issue as the IPhone 4 in my country the warranty is not subject.

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    Whoever is having issues with this problem I have found the solution to this problem and it worked for me...I must of called at least 5 people and asked them if they can hear me and everyone of them heard me...what you have to do is open up the phone and at the top where the Noise Cancellation is located there is a metal piece that is covering where a little wire that is connected to the noise cancellation unplug it and plug it back in and press down all the other wires just to be sure they are all in place before putting back the metal piece and you should be all set you should not have any problems with this...if anyone has any questions please contact me via AIM...Gibonni9 I will be glad to help you with this...note do not touch anything else on the phone because if you do your warranty will not be covered anymore.
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    no tienes abierta alguna aplicacion que utilize el microfono??? cierra todas con el multitarea e intenta de nuevo
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    Gracias por la respuesta LUISZ. Ya lo he probado y no se soluciona. Espero que hoy o mañana vengan de UPS a recoger el teléfono y enviárselo a Apple de nuevo.
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    First this is not a SW issue, since I dropped my phone I;m having this issue!
    I tried unplugging the metal coverer of the top board connectors and pressed all of them.
    But I get the mic only for one call and than the same hit and call thing.
    I think this is more than a connector issue but I think pressing on the board solves this temporarily!
    I seems like moving the board fixes it for a moment. But in long term we will get the issue once again.
    So far we have noticed that in a Phone Call, Mic and Ear Speaker work with problems but in a Skype call they work just fine.
    The issue must be in the GSM chip connectivity.
    We need some very expert advice on this!!
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    Updated: I took my iPhone 4 back to the AT&T store where I purchased it less than a week earlier. They apparently are unable to swap out the phone in the store but they called Apple for me and arranged for Apple to overnight me a replacement for about $30. I'm trying to remember the questions they asked but it was something along the lines of, "is there something (case, protective film, etc) covering the mic", "is there a case on the phone (no)", and "have you tried swapping the SIM card (AT&T did this)." After none of these (sound like hardware not software questions) made any difference they shipped the replacement. Guess what, people can actually hear me on the replacement! It still sounds more muffled than I remember the 2G or 3G version but maybe I had become overly picky since it worked so terribly with the first one.
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    Same problem for me too. And for me too it comes and goes.
    No matters if people hear me from cell line or from wired line. No voice out from the device.
    Restoring the phone it works for 10mins, then it stops working.
    Sent my iphone to apple twice, but they've sent it back to me saying they can't find the problem. I'm waiting for the phone to be back from apple (2nd time), then i'll call'em for the 10th time and try to make them change my faulty iphone.
    it suc*s.
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    It is a hardware issue. And if your phone went into a free fall it will present that issue i think something is bad with the new iphone, i had same issue and it started with a drop from less than 2 feet. The only way that worked fine before i took it to carrier was using it on speaker mode or with apple headphones.
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    Sad to say but.... I have exactly the same issue: When I call someone or someone call me, the other person can't hear me after a certain period... This is a very "random" situation as this problem can happen after 3 minutes or 10 minutes conversation... I tried to restore it without success, issue still appears...

    I tried the other applications using the voice and it seems there are no microphone issue.

    Reading through your post afraid me cause it seems this is a recurrent issue. Not sure if it is a SW or HW bug but the number of replies make me think there is a serious issue....

    Having the phone for only 4 days and I really hesitate to get it back to the supplier as we have one week of reflexion in case we (customer) are not happy with the product to get it back.

    will let you know if case I have additional info
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    yo tube eseproble y solo me escuchaban si usaba los audiofonos, la solucion es cambiar el iphone porque es unproblema d eharware

    ihave the sameproblem, the onluwaythatother canlistenis ifi use the headphones, the problem is hardware and i replace the iphonefor anothwr one is the only solution
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    I have the same problem with my iPhone 4 and iOS 4.1!

    I can hear people but they can't hear me. Voice Record works fine, the problem is only with calls. Sporadically they can hear me some seconds, but usually they don't hear nothing. My old phone call with this microsim in the same place and there are no problem.

    It seems a software bug, but only with some bad lucky users like me. Microphone works fine with another apps! It's very strange.

    Now, I have a new phone of 700€ that doesn't work as phone. Amazing!
    AntennaGate is a small problem compared with this!

    I begin to see news about this issue: e-4/

    Another threads:

    Please Apple, attend your loyal users.

    Greetings from Spain.
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