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  • igmackenzie Level 4 Level 4
    Yes, I saw that on their site. However, as I said before, I got the impression after quite a few emails from them, that it'll only work with HP wireless printers.
    When (if) you get a list from them, I'd love to see it.
  • igmackenzie Level 4 Level 4
    I'm beginning to think that the best solution is the one I mentioned before, HP's new e-print range.
    Look at 022328.html -printed-from-the?icid=sphereblogsmith_inpageengadget
    I tried to get some help from HP who offer a pre-sales email service. Sent the form, got a reply saying that 'pre-sales info is only available online'. I clicked on the supplied url and just got a page not found!!!
    Pathetic service.
    Still, it needs some investigating.
  • Charles Ginyard Level 1 Level 1
    These guys definitely do provide direct printing for a wireless printer, I use this app all the time and have used it for quite a while now. All I do is just tap print on my iPad and it comes out of the printer, I do not use the software on my Mac.

    I also found this on their website

    Print n Share supports printing direct to most WiFi printers which means your printer will automatically be listed and enable you to select it. Once you select your printer just tap “Test” on each of the options and this will ensure you use the best possible method for printing.

    If your printer is having issues, or you do not have a WiFi printer - you can use the free WePrint relay software on your Mac or PC. If WePrint is required you will not need to touch or be near your computer to print, you simply tap print on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and the computer will act as a relay and automatically pass the print job from your device onto your printer without user intervention

    Installing WePrint on your Mac or PC will also give you the ability to print via 3G/EDGE, so even when you are out of your office/home you can quickly and easily send print jobs to your printer from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.
  • marconiusrex Level 2 Level 2
    Thanks to everyone for their information on this issue.

    I did get a response back from Eurosmartz

    "Our App will print to most WiFi printers directly if they are in the same network. We don't publish a compatibility list as with all the variations in models and configurations, we couldn't make a guarantee to our customers that it would definitely work. Practically all HP and Epson printers work, and most of the other manufacturer printers work, but not all. The iPhone/iPad has no printer drivers installed so printing via WePrint prints with the best quality and options and works with all printers.

    You can always use our free WePrint helper software on your Mac or PC to print to all document types in best quality to all printer models and types that your computer can print to, WiFi, USB and others. WePrint will also allow you to print remotely over 3G."

    So no comprehensive list, but they did list HP as manf. like another poster said.

    HP Officejet 6500 and Epson 610FW were two printers they said worked well in their testing.

    I guess I'll probably take a chance with and HP or look for one that I'd like to get and send it to them and see what they say about compatability.


  • igmackenzie Level 4 Level 4
    As I expected. They won't supply a list.
    Did you look at the links I posted in my last post about HP e-printers?
  • marconiusrex Level 2 Level 2
    Yes - Thanks. I"ll probably get an HP like one of those (trying to stay under $100 if I can) or one of the ones Eurosmartz suggested.
  • igmackenzie Level 4 Level 4
    OK, I bought the app and tried it out.
    Using the iPad, it didn't work with my Lexmark Z2490 (as predicted), but worked well with my Epson 2100 via WePrint.
    One thing I did notice, and that was it doesn't seem to support Dropbox which is a bit of an issue for me. Does support idisk though.
  • marconiusrex Level 2 Level 2
    Thanks for letting me know. I'll probably give it a try!
  • igmackenzie Level 4 Level 4
    Another update. Eurosmartz has informed me that a new version is about to become available with Cloud Services as an option for 99 cents. Should be in the App Store within 48 hours.
  • marconiusrex Level 2 Level 2
    I know this question has been marked and "closed" but wanted to update on my final decision that may help others in their search for printing form the iPad.

    I finally got around to getting a printer and settled on the HP desk jet F4580 wireless printer all in one - I got this one because it was in my price range. Nice little machine. Works well with the Print N Share software - after using it I understand what some are saying about the direct printing from iPad to the WiFi printer does not yield the best printing result. Good enough I would say for most simple printing jobs....not so good for more complex documents and articles. I also downloaded and installed the We Print software to my MacBook Pro and when I print wirelessly from my iPad, through my Mac to the WiFi printer the results are much better and I have more control of how the print or images are displayed on the page...making the end result more readable.

    I do have to say it would be great to be able to get the same great results when printing directly from the iPad to the WiFi printer, but the iPad does not support the necessary printer drivers at present to do this. I'm hoping that there will be some updates with iOS4 for the iPad that will support printer drivers and make wireless printing from the iPad easier and higher quality.


  • igmackenzie Level 4 Level 4
    Really helpful info - thanks. Although I appreciate that the quality may not be as good when printing directly, but is it able to print a fairly simple Excel spreadsheet with some simple formatting, e.g. borders on cells? Is it able to print simple formatting in documents, e.g. bold, italics?
  • marconiusrex Level 2 Level 2

    Just got it yesterday and still need to play around with it. I don't have numbers on it and I don't own excel, but I have pages on the iPad. I'll report back in a few days.

  • marconiusrex Level 2 Level 2
    UPDATE: thank goodness Apple is coming out with native iPad printing with iOS 4.2 in November! Print Central is a very putzy and difficult to use app...I'd get my money back if I could. There is no way to control the quality and position of the content on the page when printing direct from iPad. It prints just fine if you go through
    A computer with their software on it, but it worked fine with the new wifi printer but would not work with my older Epson...even connected via USB cable.

    If you can afford to wait until Nov.....I'd recommend forgoing all of these 3rd party printing apps!
  • jmanston Level 1 Level 1

    I have just purchased the Brother MFC-7860DW multi-function. I also put the Brother app on my ipad and iphone, but have discovered I have to first open the printer app to print anything, which is a pain.  Can you suggest a more useable printer app?

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