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A couple of weeks ago my laptop crashed so we sent it into repair. So while it was in repair I bought songs from iTunes on my iPod. It turns out the person who repaired my computer deleted my old iTunes. So now when I try syncing my iPod with the songs i bought (on it) it won't appear in my iTunes library. And when I go onto Itunes it says that I've already purchased these songs. How do I sync these new songs into my iTunes library???
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    Authorize the computer from the Store menu in iTunes, connect the iPod, and choose Transfer Purchases from the dialog box which appears or the File menu.

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    I have multiple times but it still won't sync
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    I am having the same problem. NO help yet. I can see where they are purchased but can't retrieve. If you receive any help please let me know.
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    when ipad syncs it appears it is deleting songs which has been brought and downloaded to ipad. When you try and buy it again it says you will have duplicate items.

    Appears apple policy is if you brought a song once you can't re-download it again without paying again. Does anyone no why this is happening. Had to switch off the auto sync in case more songs are deleted.

    Only sync with one machine. Macbook

    Also having with other content, like TV series.

    I don't want end up paying multiply times for content. Apple do have download history but this doesn't help correct the problem, it just shows you the download content you no longer have access to.

    Maybe a conflict between the ipad itunes store and the computer store.
    Please help, as don't wish to download stuff to ipad and find it deleted when syncing. I mean the itune sync is suppose to be a backup.

    The content being deleted is stuff purchased from itunes via the itune ipad app.
    It not CD media copied to itunes.

    Please fix apple.

    Appears to be corruption of the itune library. Really Apple should have a function to show download history compared to the library and if meadia is missing ability to re-add items missing from the library, I mean you shouldn't have to pay twice. PS3 singstar allows you re-download missing content.