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As the title says. I'd like to find a way to have all my emails marked as "read" in my iphone mail after I've read them in my apple mail or vice versa. I belong to an email mailing list that I receive about 30 emails every day on that I'd like to not show up in my iphone but they're sent to my main account that I have linked to my iphone. Aside from just that email blast. I'd like to not have to go in and automatically delete or open then back out of all the emails that I've already read. And I dont want to delete them cause most of them I need.

Any help?

Macbook Pro 2.4, Mac OS X (10.5.8), iPhone 3G
  • Tony Tello Level 3 (725 points)
    Only if the email service provider you are using supports IMAP.
  • Tmilless Level 1 (5 points)
    Well one of the accounts (I have 2 set to my phone) is Gmail and its IMAP I believe. How do I set that up? The main one is a godaddy account. Anyone know if that supports IMAP?
  • Stephen36 Level 1 (30 points)
    I can't speak on godaddy, but if you log into gmail on the web and go into Settings>Forwarding and POP/IMAP, you can set it up there and retrieve the settings that you need to set up your Mac Mail app to access by IMAP.

    Then, when you read an email on either your iPhone or your Mac (or the GMail web portal), it will be marked as read everywhere else. Hope that helps.
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    I have IMAP enabled. What else do I need to set up/change? I have POP enabled too, should I disable it?
    Thanks for the help so far.

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    Okay, as long as you have IMAP enabled, you're good to go (it doesn't matter whether you have POP enabled as well or not).

    Just under the IMAP switch is a link to "Configure your email client" instructions. Follow those for whichever apps/devices you want to use and it should all work fine. It's pretty straight forward.
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    Got it, I did have to disable POP because my Gmail account in my apple mail was set up as a POP mail. I then had to create a new account with the same email address and it set itself up as an IMAP account. Was super easy. Now I have all sorts of folders for it too even. Only problem is, I cant rename the mailbox for some reason.

    Anyone have any bright ideas on that? I want to rename the mailbox in my apple mail. Right now its just called "gmail"
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    OK, in the Mail app go to Mail>Preferences then highlight your GMail account in the left-hand column. In the right-hand section, change the Description from "gmail" to whatever you want it called.
  • Tmilless Level 1 (5 points)
    One more issue. I have some "rules" set up in apple mail. Now that I have IMAP enabled and pop disabled, with my new account I set up, a new email that comes in and is affected by one of the rules, it doesnt forward to my phone. Should I enable pop online too?
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    If you have rules set up on your Mac, then when an email arrives and your Mac is running, it will be dealt with by the Mac in accordance with that rule. So, if a rule were to move an email to a folder, that's where you will find it on your iPhone. You may need to set up your rules again, though, as they may be looking for (POP) folders that are no longer there.

    If an email arrives when your Mac is off, it will go into your iPhone's inbox.