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Since upgrading to OS4 two weeks ago, I keep getting the error message "Charging is not supported with this accessory". I get the error message about 10 times every hour throughout the day (when nothing is connected to the charge port). Can anyone shed any light as to why I am getting this message and how to fix it (i.e. stop it occurring)?

When I charge my iPhone, I only use the cable that came with the iPhone. I have used compressed air to clean out the power socket. I have checked both power and headphone sockets and there is no water issue (i.e. no red marks).

My iPhone is only 4 months old, so I am willing to take it back under warranty if need be. But, I thought I would check here first.

As my first Apple product, I am not overly impressed with the brand thus far.

Thank you.

iPhone, iOS 4
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    My phone started displaying this message like last week. I switched the charging cords and started using the one from my iPod and haven't recieved the message again.
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    I have the iPhone 3GS, running OS4. The phone has never been jailbroken.

    I am having the exact same problems and Apple is giving me the run around. I had to explain I am getting the error message when it is not being charged, and they guy went on a rant about how I am not using the correct charger.

    Again, I am getting an error message when the phone is not plugged in. Anytime my iPhone "falls asleep" and I hit the home button, the message appears.

    Very frustrating.
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    Exactly the same for me - whenever I go back to my phone after a rest, the same message appears, and you have to hit the home button to remove it. It looks to be a technical fault then.

    I shall visit Tesco (where I bought it) later this week and seek a replacement.

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    I'm getting the same message from my Logitech clock radio with iPhone dock since updating to OS4. It's not appearing every time, but randomly. The iPhone sometimes doesn't recognize the dock, and when I use the iPod feature, the music is coming out of the phone and not being transmitted to the dock/clock radio. I fix it by taking the iPhone off the dock and putting it bac ons, sometimes several times until finally the iPhone seems to recognize the dock. Also when taking the phone off the dock, it sometimes doesn't recognize it's 'loose' again and doesn't turn on the phone sound! Didn't happen before update to OS4.
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    I have a 32Gb Itouch and use a ACCURIAN cord to connect it to my computers USB port. I have used this cord since buying my Itouch with no problems. I updated to OS4 (using this cord, by the way) and had no problems. The next time I plugged my Itouch into this cord after updating, I got the yellow triangle and the "Charging is not supported with this accessory" error. I get it everytime, have tried cleaning ports to no avail. Seems to me Apple is getting deeper into their proprietary crap and only want us to use "their" cable. This is my first Apple product and I was really impressed with it, up until this point.