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    It not only does not load these sites, they crash Safari and you have to restart the iphone 4, I hope it is a font issue because if it is ANY kind of censorship that's the end of apple for me. I only tried these sites when I read your post, but it is completely unacceptable if they are blocking anything.
  • carlosv72 Level 1 (0 points)
    BTW, I'm talking about those and other sites that were posted earlier.
  • cribbs542 Level 1 (0 points)
    I have the same problem while browsing It's very annoying to click one link, press back, and have it load the page from 3 days ago. A refresh will bring the page back up to today, but why does it revert back anyway-it already loaded the newest update before I clicked the link!
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    I'm an HTML5 developer, and we're experiencing the same problem. Mobile Safari seems to cache AJAX requests regardless of cache headers and of HTTP method (it even caches POST requests). The "solution" on apple's safari iphone docs is to include a timestamp query-string variable. This is not an acceptable solution, since many web sites are not going to go back implement this fix for a misbehaving browser.
    The behavior you are seeing on Digg and news aggregator sites makes sense as with full reload you will pull down new content from the server, but any action that triggers an AJAX request will use stale data, particularly when you leave the page and return via the Back button; we have a demo that showcases this behavior here[], for any helpful mobile safari techs that may wander by
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    Same issue here. Having to clear the cache is not acceptable. Never had this problem pre-iOS 4.
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    I have this problem, too, and it's driving me crazy. Having to reload a page when it pulls an older version from the cache - even when there's a newer version that was just loaded - is a giant pain in the ***. Please, Apple, make a fix for this!
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    Pleeeease, this problem continues to be so annoying. Constantly on sites like or I read and article, hit back, and some news from days ago is there. I have to scroll up, hit refresh, and then navigate back to where I was. Clearing the cache is simply not useful, as it's just as time-consuming as the issue itself. Is there any update?
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    Please fix. Vey annoying..
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    I hope they at least show some support regarding this safari problem. I hope Apple can fix this issue. Or explain why they can't fix it. Come on Apple don't let us down. It's not normal to have to clear your cache or cookies everytime you go and search on the web to enjoy the internet. I just want to press the back button & go back a minute ago. Not a week ago. Thanks. Please keep us posted!
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