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I am loving my new MBP 13" and I am totally lost on what type of case to protect it to buy! I have read pros and cons about the hard icase as well as the satin case! I really want something that isn't as bulky but I don't want my mBp to get damaged either! Do these cases really protect it or is it more of a fashion statement? What is the actual necessity of having one?


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    I have a Speck Hardshell case (in clear). In my opinion, it adds no bulk and minimal weight (by like, maybe a few ounces). It's protected my computer from scratches, and I love it. It's a nice way to keep the unibody pristine while still showing off the aluminum or having a different color (I almost went with blue). I also have the Paul Frank monkey 13 inch sleeve for my MBP. With the Speck case on, it still fits in the sleeve perfectly and it's great for traveling and extra protection in my bookbag from spills, dirt, etc.

    Edit: I also have the Moxi palmguard/trackpad cover to prevent it from getting dirty/worn down. It works wonderful and, despite the reviews, the trackpad still responds the same with the tap-click/regular click/gestures with no extra effort for me. I recommend getting the iKlear cleaning solution to clean your MPB as well for regular use as well as putting on the case (trapped dirt can scratch the MPB), and the iKlear works wonders cleaning the body, screen, and other electronics.

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    i also reccomend the speck cases, i have one on my MBP and it makes it a lot easier to carry and doest seem to add any noticeable
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    I've seen a lot of people use those hard plastic speck cases, but I've always been concerned and wouldnt use one myself because I feel like it would inhibit the passive cooling of the machine through the aluminum.

    I opted to purchase a laptop backpack for mine instead of a slip case or hard case. it has a soft padded pouch in the back for the laptop and room for my other stuff (notebook, camera etc). The one I purchased was the Incase compact backpack:

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    Cooling is NOT an issue with the Speck cases. It has adequate ventilation over the fans at the base and the feet even raise the MPB off the desk/table/other surface allowing more airflow beneath it than the computer itself does.

    Even in a backpack, Shade, I would still have a removable case/slip for the MPB. If you just put it in the bag, you run the risk of any dirt, dust, or things you have inside of your bag scratching or getting into the computer. Assuming your 'notebook' means a spiral-bound notebook, you can scratch the unibody with the spiral or dust and things can get inside the ports. I would strongly recommend getting a slip case to have on the MPB even if you put it in the bookbag.
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    I know the hard shell don't block fans, I just am concerned with them blocking natural convection currents flowing beneath the case. I wont really go into it as it's more of a personal concern, and I don't have any numbers to back it up. I just prefer my machine to run as cool as possible.

    As far as the backback, I don't need a slip case. This backpack has an integrated pocket for the laptop lined with a soft faux fur material to pad and protext the laptop. The pocket is also walled with shock absorbing foam inside the bag material. It's designed for and to protect the laptop. And the notebook is a moleskine, no spirals in either case.
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    Tiffany, it’s very important to have a protective case for your laptop to prevent it from getting damaged. How much protection a particular case can provide your laptop would depend on how padded its interior is and how durable and tough its exterior is. Amongst soft cases, sleeves made from neoprene and ballistic nylon are pretty popular like this Briggs & Riley laptop sleeve. It’s designed to fit 13” laptop screens and is made from the very durable ballistic nylon fabric. Take a look at it on their website and see if you like it.