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Hi Apple team,
first of all thanks for IBooks Great Application but there is a Huge problem imho while syncing Books between Itunes Library and Iphone
In general same issue is relevant for Movies as well

I just added the 1066 Books into Itunes library and checked to sync only selected Books

1066 Books are by default selected already

And now in order to unselect (since I don't need to keep all 1066 on my phone) I need to make 1066 clicks to unselect them

There is no way to unselect the bulk Shift is not working there, there is no way to display the list (only artwork style)
There is no way to browse them by category etc

All that I can do in Itunes but not when I click on the iphone device.

I thought that the selection in Books could do the trick but it appears it is not propagated to Device.

It is very inconvenient, 1066 clicks and scrolling just killed me 3 hours.

I spent 3 hours just in order to remove these Books from Iphone

Please consider to improve this part.

Also just since I first got all 1066 Books downloaded to iphone I had a chance to see the other problem

IBooks start time was 5 minutes before I saw any titles on the shelf

Couple of scrolls and the IBooks shelf just hung forever
Had to shutdown the iphone 4 (since clicking on the Home Button doesn't terminate the App anymore)

Iphone 4 32 GB, iOS 4
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    It's not shift, it's command. Command-click.

    I think that, as with iPhoto before it, the ability to handle lots of books easily will improve over time. Right now, a flat list of a thousand books would in itself be unwieldy; folders would help for that. Most people probably have a couple dozen at most right now, so they probably put that off till later.
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    Yes, I am in the same position. I have a large number of books in iTunes. The default for iPhone syncing is to check all of them. An option to deselect ALL is urgently needed.
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    if you're on a windows machine just "ctrl click" one of the books and it will deselect all.
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    That's weird - Cmd-click wasn't doing anything. I disconnected and reconnected the iPhone and now it works!

  • Aaron Bartlett Level 1 (5 points)
    To make matters worse, after each unselecting of 3 books... I get the pinwheel. Pause, then unselect 3 more, pause, scroll down 2 lines, pause, unselect 3, pause... repeat as necessary.

    Trying to manage a large collection of books is useless at this point.
  • Aaron Bartlett Level 1 (5 points)
    Holy *^&%! Cmd-Click on a single check box de-selected everything! Woot!
  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,690 points)
    Or select the items you want then right click *Check/Uncheck selection*.
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    I have almost 10,000 ebooks and would like to use iTunes to manage my collection and my iPad 3 to read, however iTunes simply cannot handle this quantity at all.

    I have a quad core Windows 7 x64 machine with 16GB RAM and it still takes nearly 30 mins just to scroll through the books looking at a handful at a time in that poxy little window in the middle of the iTunes app. If I search for an author in the 'Search' window on the device sync Books tab, it still takes several minutes to filter out all the other books, but that assumes I can remember the author name and that it is correctly entered in the metadata.

    The only sort filters of 'Title' or 'Author' are simply hopeless. If the ebook management functionality mirrored the music management functionality in iTunes, it would be a million times better.

    iTunes must also be able to download metadata to the Books app, like every other ID3 tagger or book manager can do.


    I also need to be able to browse and filter by category, author, date, genre or series etc.

    I previously used Calibre with my old ebook reader, which is way better to manage large book collections.

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    You are quite right.  I keep 4500 ebooks on my iPads 1 and 2.  Simple reading works "OK" but switching between books and searching the list takes forever.  On the iPad 1, it takes nearly one minute from selecting iBooks till it's ready for reading.  A little better on the iPad 2.  Better organization is called for, also.