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We first linked a new iPad to one family members iTunes acct, but now wish to change that to a different iTunes account. Can that be done and if so how?

Dell XPS, Windows Vista
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    1) If you are talking about a different itunes store account, just log out of the old one and log into the new one by going to: Settings, Store, Sign out. Then sign in on the different account. Warning, you'll need to log into the original account to update any apps purchased and still loaded on the ipad. THis is done at the update screen in the apps store when updating.

    2) If you are trying to clean off all the data and re-sync it with a new itunes account with new apps and music, pohotos, etc, do the following:
    _Warning: This will reset the ipad to factory specs_:
    Go to Settings, General, Reset, Erase all content and settings.
    Then, just activate and sync the ipad to the new itunes account.
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    red555, thanks so much. From what you said I should be able to access and maintain 2 separate accounts on the iPad. I was thinking I would have to use your second option and clear the iPad data from the old account.
    What I am trying to accomplish is to be able to download iBooks on the iPad and have them linked to my iPhone, which is not the iTunes account I set the iPad up with. But based on what you said I can leave my wife's iTunes apps and data, sign her out, log on my account, download iBooks with my account which will then link that book with my iPhone, iBooks app.
    Thanks again.
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    This is what I wanted to know as well: can you have more than one account on the IPad?
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    lucin wrote:
    This is what I wanted to know as well: can you have more than one account on the IPad?

    Simple answer. No.