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ku-man Level 1 (95 points)
I need Internet explorer for my work online catalog, does IE work on Snow Leopard? What's the latest version? Thanks Alex

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  • J.C Level 4 (1,600 points)
    Hi There

    Internet Explorer for Mac was discontinued a number of years ago. The last available version was version 5.

  • thomas_r. Level 7 (30,707 points)
    There no longer is any version of IE that works for the Mac. I would say unfortunately, except that I don't really think it's unfortunate that none of us have to be subjected to that!

    If a site cannot work in anything other than IE, it's usually a crap site... if it's one at your place of work, you should pester them to make it a decent site. There's absolutely no reason in this day and age to support only IE and not the multitude of standards-compliant browsers out there.
  • Kurt Lang Level 8 (36,645 points)
    Unbelievable. Another stone-age webmaster who thinks every single computer user in the world uses IE. Worse, actually believes ActiveX is a great thing; which is why the crappy work site won't work with anything but IE.

    A while back, eWeek magazine listed the 10 worst pieces of software to ever come out of Redmond. Number one was was ActiveX. Number ten was the Windows system Registry. No surprise to anyone, the Bob OS was on the list. Here's the entire list of the 10 best and worst.
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    You can download IE 5.2 and it will work (not well) on your Mac. However, don't expect any upgrades to it. It will be at that revision and security level. FIrefox is a fine substitute.
  • Network 23 Level 6 (11,900 points)
    You can try running Internet Explorer for Windows under CrossOver, or by running an entire licensed copy of Windows on your Mac using VirtualBox (free).

    Don't waste your time tracking down Internet Explorer for Mac. Even when it was current, it supported Mac technologies and did not support the Windows technologies such as ActiveX, which is the usual reason someone is required to use IE. You really do need the Windows version of IE.
  • ku-man Level 1 (95 points)
    If I have a choice, I won't use IE, I only need IE browser for one thing, thanks you guys anyway
  • ku-man Level 1 (95 points)
    I have Parallels desktop, I can use IE there. I only use IE for my work online Catalog, that's all, no other browser support, too bad.
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    I've always ask to myself why Mac people are so bitter about Microsoft. I am an IT profesional and use Mac and also Windows. I enjoy the best of both worlds with happiness. By the way there are applications like Microsoft CRM, (which btw it's bad *** application) that only runs in IE. Not all the softwares have to run in every browser out there. The lasts recommendations is what you have to do either parallels, or VMware Fusion. Or what I use Bootcamp, straight to Windows 7 or Mac OSX. Love it!!! both worlds given the best to all of us. Enjoy life!!!
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    I agree completely. Surprised the heck out of me, too!

    I use Firefox 4 B4 a lot, but I also use IE8 (64-bit, so no plug-ins load: a great side effect and feature) and I can't and won't go back to OmniWeb or others (they looked nice easy to read with Quartz).

    And yes, it smacks sometimes of we can't be happy without putting someone else down?
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    None of the posters threw down on MS, just the fact that some sites wrote pages that only IE could read.

    eWeek listed the so-called bad software from Redmond.

    As an IT professional you should recognize that it is more functional and profitable to have a web site that is not encumbered by only being able to use only one browser to view its page.

    I'm a professional and use XP every day of the week.
    I use and test software on my Mac at home.
    I really don't like switching browsers to view someone's page.
  • thomas_r. Level 7 (30,707 points)
    I've always ask to myself why Mac people are so bitter about Microsoft.

    If you're saying this because of my comments regarding IE, it's because IE is well-known for not following established web standards. Among web designers, there's a saying used like a curse word: IDWIMIE. What does it mean? It Doesn't Work In Microsoft Internet Explorer. Web design would be so much simpler if IE just curled up in a corner somewhere and died.

    Not all the softwares have to run in every browser out there.

    Actually, the point of the web is that all web pages and web apps should work in every browser. If a "web app" only runs in IE, it's no more a web app than a Photoshop plugin is. It's a dynamic Internet Explorer plugin loaded over the internet as needed.