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    I've tried everything and synching still doesn't work at all between my iPhone and my iPad.  All the books show up, I can synch w/ my Mac iTunes and all that works, but at no time can I *ever* synch my bookmarks or reading progress between the iPhone and iPad.  I have two completely unrelated sets of bookmarks and nothing I've been able to do or find will reconcile them or make the two devices work together when reading a book.


    I have two Apple ID's in iTunes because of some screwup years ago with my original AOL/Apple id, and have to check both accounts to get all the apps that have been updated, and maybe this is related, but I can't ever get to anyone on the phone to try and reconcile this either. 


    This is extremely frustrating!  Help!! please....

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    It seems that the two apple id's might be the problem...  I have been reading between mi iphone and ipad and they have synced just ok. It might be a good idea for you to make an appointment at an Apple store and get this fixed!!!!

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    It was in fact a problem w/ two apple id's.  Somehow I'd gotten logged in on my iPhone w/ one ID and on my iPad w/ the other.  Once I changed to have them both set to the same ID, synching worked as advertised.


    Thanks to all that chipped in...

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    How do I redownload my Epub files via Icloud on my Itouch?

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    I'm glad I found your post.


    After the ios5 update it added @me to my apple id on one of my devices....changed it back in the app store now all is working as it should do


    Many thanks.

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    I found dropbox solving the ibooks syncing problem.

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    could you explain how you did it with Dropbox?





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    djteach, thank you so much! Until reading your explanation, I just couldn't figure out how to do this. I might add for those testing this approach that there is a short delay between putting a book back on the shelf before it synchs to the other device.

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    Do you sync your iPhone and iPad on the same computer? If so, that could be the issue. It could be remedied by plugging in the device the clicking its name on the left sidebar then going under the "Books" tab. You could then unsync all books by un-ticking the "Sync Books" option, or you could choose which books you sync by choosing "Selected books".

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    Thank you so much I have just read your message of 6 December 2010 and you are right, it does work. I can now  sync bookmarks ipad to iphone and iphone to pad just as easily as you say.  I bought a Kindle because I thought I couldn't sync where I had read to on iBooks.  I became disillusioned with Kindle when I found that you had to pay for space just as you do with icloud so I searched for help to sync my iBooks, which I really prefer. I tried your simple solution and it worked.  A very helpful suggestion.

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    Ok... I'm lost. I have books on my pad (not purchased) and I can't see them on my phone. Why?!?! Is it because they weren't purchased? I think I saw someone comment that it didn't matter but I can't seem to do utterly!!!

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    How did you get them on the iPad?  It doesn't matter if you purchased or not, but if the server doesn't know they are on the iPad it can't share them with your phone.


    Try using Transfer purchases (from the iPad) to add the books to your iBooks.  Then they should show in iTunes Library in  Books, and sync to your phone, and appear in the cloud.


    I have a number of PDFs that I wrote for teaching that I added to iBooks.  I used an ePub converter to change from PDF to ePub, which does seem to sync better than PDF version.


    iBooks has been buggy since update.  If your books are listed on computer's books list but you cant get them to sync to phone.  try deleting all books from phone and then download all from the cloud again, including new books.

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    I get them through Book Bub (for my kindle) and they show up on my kindle app on the phone and ipad, and for the ipad I have gotten them through Tuebl.  They download using epub.  I dont know where a Transfer is on the ipad.  and I dont want to have to hook it up to a computer.  what epub converter do you use?  I would need one to get the books from ibooks to kindle Im told.  and you cant really read the ipad on the beach... too much sun to see the screen but the kindle is fine!


    Thank you.  I will see if my boyfriend follows this any better then I do because I am a bit lost.

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