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I set up itunes, and "authorized" the computer under my wife's itunes account to back up her apps. It backed them up, but I then plugged my phone in to back up my apps, and it started installing her apps on mine!

How do I keep our iphones separate on itunes yet still be able to back up our contacts and apps?

Someone suggested creating different windows user profiles but I don't want to do that unless I really have to. I don't have my computer set up that way.

iphone 3g, iOS 4, none
  • Craig Baron Level 3 Level 3 (680 points)
    Within iTunes you can select which apps, music, podcasts, etc. are synced to each device.
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    Great. How to do this? B/c when I sync, I get 'em all.
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    same frustrating problem, except it happened w/my son's & my iPhones, started syncing our iphones 2 yr ago thru my itunes account.... same account, but it saw each phone & seemed to differentiate, so what could possibly be the problem??? Well, after a bit things got a little odd, can't even really remember what, but also, my son wanted to buy apps, where I only go for the freebies, so I decided to create his own login identity on the computer and a separate itunes account (he's 33 & we really don't need to be aware of one another's surfing, etc.)

    Not really sure when it all went wrong, but noticed for sure when i got my iphone 3g replaced (thru applecare) about a month ago. I decided to just sync my info over rather than a full restore, got one of those cryptic "DO YOU REALLY WANT TO DO THAT???" boxes, clicked NO, at which time itunes reverts all the settings you've just selected (cuz you said NO!) and immediately syncs the phone, which synced my contacts & calender luckily, but nothing else! When i looked at the apps tab it had all of my son's there & none of mine. I synced some of his to my phone since they were the same as ones i'd had & when i went into the app store on the phone it asked for HIS login password!!! Got that all straightened out but still can't sync my apps or download any apps thru itunes & have them show up in the itunes app folder!

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    Yeah, for as user-friendly as Apple products are supposed to be, Apple somehow dropped the ball here. I just figured out how to keep our apps separate (the good thing here is if she purchases an app, we only have to buy it once ... I can install it on my iphone for free)

    But now my issue is syncing contacts. I synced with outlook, and I've got all my contact info there, but we have separate profiles on outlook. I can't differentiate how to sync my iphone with my outlook profile and my contacts, and her iphone with her outlook profile, which will hold her contacts.