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I want to watch netflix movies through my HDTV. Is it possible and do the cables for touch etc work with the iPad?

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    Apple's component video out cable works with the iPad's Netflix app. However, the output resolution is limited to 480p so there is no way to get HD movie quality out of the iPad's video out. In fact, I've seen one report (which I can't confirm) that claimed that the iPad's VGA adapter will not work with iTunes movies/TV shows (perhaps because the VGA adapter supports output resolutions up to 1024x768 -- which could be considered an analog HD signal -- something that the content providers apparently don't want to allow).

    I have used Apple's component video cable with my iPad to view movies/tv shows on my big screen TV with the following applications:

    Videos (Apple's bundled video app, and it works with iTunes DRM/protected content)
    iPod (Apple's bundled app with iTunes music videos)
    iTunes (Apple's bundled app with video podcasts)
    GoodReader (only unprotected/non-DRM video, which excludes almost everything from iTunes, etc.)
    StreamToMe (only unprotected/non-DRM video, which excludes almost everything from iTunes, etc.)
    Safari (some video content, depends upon the website).
    YouTube app

    Note, there appears to be a bug in the iPad's video out formatting, it doesn't handle wide screen content correctly (output is distorted, regardless of the TV out setting in the Video preferences). This problem does not happen on the iPhone video out, so it seems to be a bug in the iPad's software. Your TV may have a setting (zoom or some such option) which will correct for this bug.

    However, the following apps do NOT support video out:

    Hulu Plus
    ABC app

    Too bad, since the Hulu Plus service would probably be worth the $10/month charge if you could view the content on your TV (as output from the iPad).
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    Excellent information! Thanks for posting.

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    Wish I had read this before purchasing the VGA cables and trying hulu plus. Is there any workaround?