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I just installed Outlook 2010 (I did not have a previous version installed) and tried to sync with my 3gs/iOS4. In iTunes, under the Info tab allowed me to check Outlook as the program to sync with in both Contacts and Calendar. I made sure none of the "replace in iPhone" boxes were checked at the bottom of the Info screen.

The Contacts sync ok but it erases my calendar data from my phone and replaces it with the Outlook calendar which has nothing in it since I just bought it.

I was able to restore my data using iTunes but need to figure out how to get my Calendar from the iPhone into Outlook. I also have a calendar via MS Exchange Server and it was not erased on my phone when I synced and it was also not transferred to Outlook. I would like to have the MS Exchange calendar in my Outlook as well if that is possible.

I have a 3GS running iOS4 with Outlook on a Windows computer running Vista. Any help is greatly appreciated!!