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Currently using an incipio case with the wrapsol screen protectors. My concern is that neither the case or the screen protector cover either of the camera lenses. With the Otterbox Defender on my 3GS it added another layer of protection over this.

Anyone concerned about scratching/ smudging these lenses?

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    Covering the flash or the lens will result in inferior images. Not my cup of tea.

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    I also just got the Incipio dermaShot silicone case. I love it. Don't worry about the lens it will be fine.
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    I'm with you on this one. My concern stems from my first gen iPhone. After about a year the anti-glare coating on the lens began to get cloudy and therefore my photos were cloudy. After searching for a solution I found the only answer was to use iKlear Apple Polish which would remove the rest of the anti-glare coating from the lens. After this my photos were sharp again. However, this defeats the purpose of the coating to begin with.

    So for my second phone, the 3GS I searched for a solution. While they didn't make a case with a lens cover for the 3GS Griffin did make one for the 3G (the Clarifi). The real purpose of the "lens cover" was to boost the camera resolution. The cover was actually a lens in itself.


    I used this for about a year and loved it. It kept my lens in perfect condition. When I wanted to take a photo I would just slide the close-up lens to the side and take my photo. I could carry the phone in my pocket and not worry about the lens getting scratched or worrying about the anti-glare coating. (You could see the coating if you looked carefully. It was a blue tint that covered the lens.

    Now that I have moved onto the iPhone 4 I am in the same boat as you. I am concerned about the lens and wish someone would come out with a case that protected it (and would slide to the side as the Clarifi did). However I doubt that will happen since even the Clarifi was not designed to protect the lens but to boost the performance of an inferior lens.

    One side note: there is one disadvantage to a slider type cover to the lens. Over time when dust entered the inside of the case it would scratch the plastic back side of the iPhone when I would slide it back and forth. When I took the case off one day I discovered a series of small horizontal scratches on the back of the phone to the right of the lens. Wasn't real happy about that but I guess you can't have it all.

    Hope this info helps. If you hear of anything out there I'd love to know about it. I'm also wondering if perhaps they resolved this issue with the iPhone 4 since I don't see that same blue tint of the anti-glare on the surface lens. Perhaps the glass that covers it is scratch resistant and the worry of the film rubbing off or becoming cloudy has been resolved.

    PS: iPhone 4 is AWWWEEESOME!!