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(1) ONE MAJOR ANNOYANCE is that when trying to convert a very large collection of MP3 into AAC using Itunes 9.2, every few hundreds files, it will come upon a bad MP3 and will stop the conversion process altogether for the entire collection.

Having some bad MP3 in your collection is a normal situation, and is part of life, but when Itunes encounter such a file, it will display a popup saying there was an error during conversion, and STOP RIGHT THERE, leaving the conversion process half completed.

Why can't Itunes skip the bad file and continues to the next file? Instead of that, I have to click ok, reselect my entire collection excluding the bad file and the files that have been already been converted, and restart the conversion process all over again. Instead of taking a day for the AFK conversion, it took over a week, of starting and stopping, and I had to watch the process to restart it EVERY SINGLE TIME there was an error. THAT WAS PRETTY ANNOYING.

(2) One other MAJOR BUG is that once a MP3 is converted, the original remain in the library alongside with the converted AAC file, thus creating a duplicate THAT YOU HAVE TO REMOVE MANUALLY. Logically when you want to convert a file to AAC, you expect to end up with only a converted AAC file, not the ORIGINAL plus THE CONVERTED in the library. Please add an option to remove the original from the library once the conversion is done successfully, so you don't end up synchronising a bunch of duplicates files into your Ipod, these can takes a lot of space.

(3) One last BUG is that if you select by mistake a file that was already converted, instead of skipping that file, it will convert it again, thus creating another duplicate file again.

All these are ANNOYANCES, please correct them for the benefit of all Itunes users, thanks!

iPhone OS 3.1.3, Windows XP