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    OMG THANK YOU!! That worked!


    I don't know what it is about AT&t...

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    I tried many of the solutions above. Here's what worked for me for my iMac to talk to my macbook.


    The problem was the self-assigned ISP one which meant the mac couldn't go on the net, despite the airport connection showing ok.

    First, I had to restore internet sharing.

    Second, I think I'd been trying to use the IPv6 (under the TCP/IP protocol) all the time. But I found an ISP ( somewhere in the settings, and copied it to IPv4 (maybe because the macbook only has version 10.6.3?), and bingo. Miracles never cease.


    Thanks all for the shared wisdom.

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    Actually, that re-create solution only worked temporarily. Today the internet went out again, so I recreated the airport again, and it worked, then minutes later it went out and nothing would work.


    Turns out something was off with my ISP...I think I did it when I was screwing around with it earlier. So I had to reconfigure my network settings, and now it is working, and the ISP number was automatically reconfigured in the process.

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    After trying all the solutions on this thread the only thing that worked for me is resetting the SMC. This is an old trick that we used to use in the 90's but I totally forgot about since I didn't need it for many years now.


    Step #1: Shut down you computer and unplug from mains power source. leave for 15 seconds or more


    Step #2: Plug power cord and after 5 seconds start up your Mac.


    That's it.


    Read more here:


    The problem I had: For no reason my iMac disconnected from internet even though all other Macs, iphones, ipad are connected and working as normal.


    It refuses to get an IP address from DHCP router provided by my ISP. Getting connected on wi-fi.

    I tried ethernet cable but still no IP adress on that port.


    Tried every solution mentioned here but it didn't work. After more than 24 Hours of frustration and system reinstall it hit me. why don't try an old trick and viola! It worked.


    **** how we're dependant on the internet.

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    Thanks for the tip/post!

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    socialjen you rock my sox I have been trying to figure this out for months now womps to have to keep connecting to wifi everytime you need to use the intenet thanks so much your post finally helped me.

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    i'm running mac os x 10.6.8

    i have a problem with connection of my mac

    i was connected to Wi-Fi but when i open safari and open

    it say that i'm not connected to internet


    can help me with this problem?

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    This happened to me about 5 yrs ago, with my old mac. Now today evertyhing MacBook, Iphone, Ipad all wont connect, exactly the same oddness as before. The system even tells me my password is wrong, which it isn't. I am currently wired in to try and solve this. This seems like its a very old problem which is still going on.

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    Hi, I have had my mac for at least 5 years now and have had the same EXACT problem for about a year. I have figured a way to temporally fix the problem: in safari click network diagnostics then click airport then your network name then you type in your password and if it says that anything about your network has changed you have to click start over and repeat the process all over again. I know this isnt the best solution but I have learned to deal with it. Hope you fix your computer!

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    Thanks a lot SocialGen. Your struggle of last year wasn't wasted. I could finally reconnect to my own wifi system!!

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    Works for me, Thanks !

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    i have found a solution...

    it turn out that there was no ip address in dns i just put and it worked


    go to preferences>network (select wifi in the left panel)>advance>dns>then just press the + sign and add or whatever is shown and apply


    it worked for me i do not know if it is a temporary fix but it did work fot me.

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    Hello mayfi944 or others who have similar issues,


    If your Macbook shows it has no issue with connecting to your home router or gateway router,  then the problem may be there is a possible bug in OS X. 


    How do you know if your Macbook has no issue with connecting to your home router?  just check  or etc. depending on your router's configuration.


    If this is the case, you need reset your Macbook DNS cache.  Something like


    MacOS® 10.7 and 10.8


    1. Click Applications.
    2. Click Utilities.
    3. Double-click the Terminal application.
    4. Type the following command:sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponderALERT! Warning: To run this command, you will need to know the computer's Admin account password.

    MacOS 10.5 and 10.6

    1. Click Applications.
    2. Click Utilities.
    3. Double-click the Terminal application.
    4. Type the following command: sudo dscacheutil -flushcache



    Good luck!

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    I had this same problem, and tried every fix suggested on this thread.  None worked, so I called support.  The fix was this:  on the systems preferences, network, advanced, select DNS.  I added (using the +) two lines (at the direction of support). and then  OK, then Apply, then restart the machine.  Works fine now. 

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    Thanks Gwen!  Worked gr8 for me!