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    I continue to have this same issue after the latest software update to the iTv. I have gone to my iTunes account to verify payment method no less than seven times. I get an email each time telling me it's verified. I reset the iTv. I changed the Appleid it was tagged with to match my exact appleid  (it did and I think still does on my phone and ipad still allow updates from an alias appleid since I had basically three,, and and all three id's show up as verified in my iTunes account. I tried signing out of iTunes and signing back in, wich makes you reverify the account information. BUT tv does not show up in my devices list on my appleid info. I see no way to add a device, only delete it. I hope someone has an answer for this because I'm tired of having to verify my account every time I use the iTv. This does not occur on the other devices.

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    Add me to the list - Since the last update to Apple TV, I get the infamous "Verification Required" screen whenever I turn it on. It's mostly a minor annoyance, as most bugs are, but it would be really nice if some of the nice folks at Apple would acknowledge and/or resolve it.


    I have purchased both music and a movie through iTunes since the bug started - through my computer, as the Apple TV message requires. The movie shows up on Apple TV and plays just fine... but the "Verification Required" message persists.


    Since this thread goes back to 2010, I'm assuming the problem will get resolved and then reappear.


    Ah, Apple!

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    Add me to this list ever since the UPDATE:


    Constantly getting "Verification Required" on my Apple TV 2. I have been back and forth with Apple for two weeks about this. It all started when updating to the latest Apple TV software about 3 weeks ago. I have constantly had to verify my payment info. Soon after the message just keeps popping up at random or when trying to rent on iTunes from my Apple TV. It's also starting to pop up on my other devices. The only solution is to completely stay logged out of iTunes on Apple TV, only then can I re-enter my credit card info and it actually works.

    This is a horrible bug in the latest software and Apple is giving me the typical email runarounds since they have no phone support for iTunes.

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    So are you saying that if I log out of my Apple TV, update my payment information in iTunes on my computer, and then sign back in on my Apple TV the constant "Verification Required" will stop?

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    Unfortunately no, that is part of the problem. I'm saying if you just log out altogether on your Apple TV then update your info, you should be fine but DON'T log back into Apple TV. I know this is not a total solution but I found it worked to stop my iPhone and ipad from having the verification message pop up. Somehow it seems the Apple TV is corrupting the account causing all my devices to start asking for verification.

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    Dang it.  I'm not having the issue on my iPad or iPhones - just on my Apple TV.

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    I've had the same issue for about 4 weeks now. I get the notification on AppleTV, go verify my payment info on iTunes, which works. Then an hour or so later, the notification is back. I stream music from my iPad to the AppleTV quite a bit, so this routine of verifying my payment every hour is getting annoying. Not the end of the world, but after a few weeks of this it gets pretty old.


    I talked to Apple Support 3 times today, but they had no idea what to do. They said my account looked good to them and told me to go to and verify all my billing and shipping info. I did that, but not long after the message was back.


    You would think that having a user verify payment 20 times a day would trigger some sort of investigation on their end, but who knows. I tend to think iTunes is the culprit, but that AppleTV is less graceful than the other devices at handling the error. My iPhone and iPad will only bug me to verify payment when I actually try to buy something. AppleTV seems to be checking for valid payment on a more continual basis.

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    I too had this problem since the 5.1 update to my appletv 2.  This is what fixed it for me:


    1.  Went to  Signed in and verified my account info.

    2.  On my Mac I signed out of iTunes.

    3.  Authorized computer in iTunes.

    4.  Signed back in to iTunes.  I then had to accept new terms and verify account info.


    After saving that I no longer get the prompting on the appletv.

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    This worked for me.  Thank you!

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    YES! This seems to have done the trick. Still obnoxious we have to jump through that many hoops.

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    Whatever the convoluted logic behind the solution, it works! Thanks, evilsprmn

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    While this is somewhat akin throwing chicken bones and other acts of voodoo, it seem as though it did take care of the problem. I'm not sure how you came to those steps but glad you did. Let's hope it holds.

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    Since this four-step process has helped quite a few others, I can only assume it will do the same for me. My initial use of Apple TV seems to bear this out though I think it's premature to make any declarations. One thing that should be noted, however, is that whether it's the signing in and out step or the action of authorizing an already authorized computer, it is also necessary to turn iTunes Match back on. In my case with just under the maximum capacity of 25,000 tracks, this takes more than just a few minutes. I guess we can only assume this is not a big enough bug to warrant a separate update. Assuming your steps have solved this annoyance for me, I do thank you in advance.

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    I was still having problems, but this worked for me:



    In iTunes, go into Account Info/Payment Info and select None.  Save that, then logout, go to the apple store on the web, login and enter your credit card details.  Save it and you should be right to purchase things on the AppleTV.




    1) on you computer, load up iTunes and click on iTunes Store in the right column

    2) click Account on the Quick Links menu on the right of the iTunes Store window (sign in if you need to)

    3) under the heading Apple ID Summary the second option down is Payment Information.  Click Edit > to the right of it

    4) click None as your payment method

    5) scroll down the page and click "Done"

    6) go to the store menu at the top of the screen and select the menu item Sign Out

    7) open a web browser and go to DO NOT FORGET TO ADD YOUR COUNTRY CODE IF YOU ARE NOT IN THE US (eg: I am in Australia, so I go to )

    8) click the Account link near the top right hand part of the store web page

    9) select Account Home page

    10) click Change your default shipping or billing info

    11) login using your appleid and password

    12) in the payment information section click the Edit button

    13) the payment information should be blank (we cleared it in step 4)

    14) enter your card number, expiry date and security code (you don't need to change billing address)

    15) click save


    This should get your account payment information reset.  To be sure, log out of your account on the AppleTV (go to Settings->General->iTunes Store and logout).  Then go try your purchase.  If you are asked to verify your purchase by entering your credit card number, don't bother: if this has worked you will not be prompted for anything.


    This worked for me (AppleTV 3, just bought today, Dec 2, 2012) .

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    Yea me toooo Winston! I have been now three days of totally useless time trying to reset after three times my password. Apple security system really *****.  The number one frustration with Apple these days is this.

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