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  • bohdanpodlaski Level 1 (0 points)
    I have the same problem. I use only redeem cards. I tryed to write all my info again but it didnt work at all.
  • scarpenter59 Level 1 (0 points)
    I got that error message on my ipod touch. I didn't realize that when I canceled my credit card, it automatically made me change my payment method even tho I had an itunes gift card i was using.
  • carlchristensen Level 1 (0 points)
    I have found a solution for this problem!

    My situation: I have an Apple TV 2 with an itunes account that uses gift cards only. When I try to rent movies on the apple tv, it says "Verifiaction required". All I had to do was go through itunes on the computer and BUY/RENT a movie/tv-series. Now, I got the same messages from itunes - verification required. But itunes proceeded to give me a login dialog, and then showed me my account information. When i clicked "Done" this time, it worked! I can now rent stuff on the apple tv again.
  • lesterfromwindsor Level 1 (0 points)

    I have had this problem for a few weeks. Tonight I accessed my account through the itunes application on my pc and not by logging in to my account via the internet browser and verified my payment details there. After that I had to clich "Done" and bingo the problem was solved. Wether I have to do it the next time I watch a movie, I will have to wait and see.

  • Kyle h. Level 1 (0 points)

    I have read through all 7 pages of this forum. I have done all the preceeding reccomendations.


    I have reset my credit card id # numerous times.


    I have unplugged my apple tv and then plugged it back in.


    I have signed out and then signed back into iTunes.


    I have even changed the credit card info on my account completely to another card.


    I am capable of purchasing items on iTunes through the computer (downloading Couples retreat now) but I am incapable of purchasing anything through Apple Tv.


    Any help?!

  • HeidiFL Level 1 (0 points)

    I was able to buy on iTunes, but not on the ATV. I got it working after confirming my payment info by entering the 3 digit code on iTunes on my PC. Then I rebooted the ATV by power cycling it and voilá! It works.

  • todd20 Level 1 (0 points)

    I finally figured it out my AppleTV downloading for my unique circumstance.  I had purchased a used Gen 1 AppleTV and tried everything to be able to download movies to it.  I was able to go to the credit card of my itunes store and update my 3 digit CCV code but it still didn't download and I was stopped by the message: "Verfication required".  I had made all the necessary changes to my apple TV to make it reference my itunes store account but nothing worked.....  What finally worked was resetting my AppleTV to factory defaults and starting over setting it up.  Now I can download movies.  I've downloaded one movie so far.  It gave me the "verfication required" message.  I went to my itunes store and the CCV code area was outlined in red.  I filled it in and I was able to download a movie.  I'm not sure if I will need to verify my CCV everytime or just this first time.


    Good Luck and Happy New Year!

  • blasthaus Level 1 (0 points)

    login to itunes and verify your credit card by just providing the security code for the card, click save and it should work


    if not, also login to and do the same thing.


    after both of these are 'verified', apple tv should work

  • emyazz Level 1 (0 points)

    whta i've done is try to purchase a song via iphone, i was then asked to verify by creating 3 questions and now it's all ok!

  • sbarnz Level 1 (0 points)

    I have just spent a little over an hour trying to rent a movie on our old Apple TV (version 1). I have read through every one of these messages - all seven pages. I have repeatedly tried every solution offered. As Kyle H wrote above:

    I have reset my credit card id # numerous times.

    I have unplugged my apple tv and then plugged it back in.

    I have signed out and then signed back into iTunes.

    I have even changed the credit card info on my account completely to another card.


    I remain unable to purchase anything through Apple Tv.


    Any ideas?


  • linnur45 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yeah I'd like to scream at apple or iTunes because there's no number to call and speak to anyone and this is very frustrating.I continue to enter the 3 digit code and it continues to tell me to do. It again. I don't know what to  do I checked with bank compared their info with apple and it's exactly the same as what Apple says it is . Why is there no phone support?

  • OzziesMAC Level 2 (150 points)

    Add me in to the group getting "Verification Required".

    I have to AppleTV's, both will launch the same message at anygiven time;

    image 1.jpeg


    When I go to verify it on iTunes via the iMac everything is normal except its asking again for the 3 digit security number from the credit card.  I enter it and select "Done" twice to get me out of here.  Both AppleTV's will still pop up with the same message.  I even reset all settings on the AppleTV and started from scratch entering everything back in and the message still pops up.


    I also notice that if I go back to the iMac and sign out of itunes, when I sign back in I get this:

    image 2.png.


    Again I go back to verify my account and everything is as it should be but again it is asking for the 3 digit security code from the credit card.  I have sent all this information to iTunes support, and this is the message I got back,;



    This is Romeo from iTunes Store Customer Support. I understand that you are being prompted to verify your account or your payment information every time you open your Apple TV. Upon checking your iTunes account, I am unable to find any restrictions on your account.

    You may need to take this issue with our Apple TV Technical Support.

    You may find the following article helpful:

    Apple TV: Basic Troubleshooting

    You can get lots of useful information on our Apple TV support pages, which are packed with instructions to help you use Apple TV and resolve issues:

    In Apple's public discussion forums you can read questions and answers provided by experienced users. You can also post questions of your own. Click the Apple TV folder on the Apple Discussions webpage under Digital Life:

    You may also get advice, insight, and hands-on technical support at a local Apple Store (there may be a fee for the visit). Find the Apple Store nearest you and click the link to make a reservation at the Genius Bar:  

    For this issue, you may need to call our AppleCare technical support team. A technical Advisor will be able to tell you about Apple's complimentary and fee-based support. The technical Advisor can also assist you in determining what option might be most helpful to you in this case. To find the appropriate phone number, please visit:

    Contacting Apple for support and service

    Another option is to describe your issue on our website. After you have described the issue on our website, you can arrange for an Apple Advisor to call you. You can receive a phone call now or you can make an appointment to have an Apple Advisor call you at a more convenient time. To explore this option, please visit Express Lane:

    Certain Express Lane Support options are only free during your Apple hardware product's complimentary support period or with an AppleCare Protection Plan.

    If I can provide additional help in finding the right Apple resource for you, or if you need assistance with your iTunes Store account, please reply to this message. I will be happy to help.

    Thank you very much for contacting iTunes Store Support and have a wonderful day!


    iTunes Store/Mac App Store Customer Support


    Since none of the above suggestions helped I then forward this messsage back to upper level Apple support and have yet to here from them.  This has now been 3 business days.

  • zenasprime Level 1 (0 points)

    I have been having this issue as well.  No matter what I try to do (I've done all of the suggested solutions), the message pops back up a few minutes later.  Luckly after I realized that this was most definitely a bug with the latest update I didn't update my other Apple TV.

  • drummerjoe Level 1 (0 points)

    This seems like an old issue, but only recently started for me (I have had my ATV2 for 1+ years).


    Any other details on how this can be resolved?

  • Truth720 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same here! I have an ATV2 1st gen and it worked perfectly until the latest update. Now I get spammed with "Verification Required" every 10-20 mins. Its aweful. I've tried all of the solutions mentioned in this thread (re-enter the data, re-set the router, re-boot the ATV... did all of these in multiple various sequences without a different result.)

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