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    Screw this, I couldn't stand this anymore. Thanks for the link for reverting to 3.1.3, I just did this and maaan, I have my phone back ! I can't believe how smooth it works, I must have almost gotten used to the rotten performance of iOS4.

    People, revert to 3.1.3 and dont look back to iOS4 !
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    None of those worked for me. I switched off all the indexation services, killed windows and what not. It was a USELESS brick ! I could barely answer calls as it took 5-6 seconds before I could slide the ******* slider and then it wouldn't move smooth, but just appear eventually in the open position. and so on and so on.

    Just sabotage this v4 and go back to 3.1.3

    You'll find your life much easier, I don't have time to waste with apple's crap anymore. I just wonder when Apple will get this massive lawsuit hanging around on millions people's phones..
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    flash69 wrote:
    Try to-ios-313.

    When you do this to downgrade back to OS 3, do you lose all the apps you have bought, or will you get these back when you sync again with itunes?
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    You don't lose apps, once they're purchased, they stay purchased. While reverting to OS3 is not supported by Apple, it's still just an old version of their software.

    Back up your app library now by the way, to an external source, as if you accidentally upgrade an app in the future to a version that only works with OS4, you'll want to be able to take that back to an earlier version as well...

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    Thanks for the reply

    Sorry to be slow... how do I back up my app library?

    Also, since upgrading to IOS4 I have already updated a number of my apps on the iphone. Where would I look in time machine to find the old app library backups to use in this case?
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    I'm on Windows OS not Mac, so don't know about Time Machine. I regularly back up my entire iTunes library to an external drive for those times when my life or idiocy intervenes, so was able to go back to previous versions of my apps that way. As far as I know (but like I say, not on a Mac and it's been a while!), any previous backups of your mobile applications folder will help you out here.

    A more Mac savvy person may be more useful here, but I just gritted my teeth in sheer determination that I was NOT going to lose the apps I've paid good money for, and scoured my drives until I found the solution.

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    Assuming the structure is the same on Mac or Windows, to back up your existing app versions (and you can check compatability for those you've recently updated against their required OS on their iTunes pages, to be certain these are the versions you want to save), look in your iTunes folder for the Mobile Applications subfolder, then copy that to a secondary/external source. Keep it 'as is', and then you know you can reinstate any future upgrades back to how they are as of now. I could just doubleclick on the files on my ext HD and iTunes would offer to replace the newer files with those - I was shocked how simple it was!
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    Here's an idea - uninstall the App that you've downloaded for OS4 and that doesn't work for 3.1.3 - then install it again (from appstore). You won't have to pay again for it and it'll download the compatible version.
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    I followed the lifehacker instriuctions, which are very clear and easy to use for all but the most tech averse people. And my iphone restored to a brand new iphone on OS3 - and gosh, I had forgotten how fast it used to be. It is GREAT!

    The only thing I would add to the lifehacker instructions is that the OS3 backup file does not sit in the itunes folder it tells you it would, as when you upgrade to IOS4, itunes moves the OS3 backup file to TRASH. But it was sitting there quite happily in TRASH - I just moved ot out to a temporary folder I created on my desktop before I started the lifehacker retore process, and then could easily navigate to it during the restore process as desciribed by lifehacker.

    I suspect that it is better to use your own copy of the OS3 backup file, than to use one downloaded from the web, so it is worth seeking it out in TRASH before you start.....

    All my APPS also synched back without problem

    Thankyou lifehacker, and thank you to all on this forum for the support.....
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    I did read your post, but I never ever use Safari, so there is no solution there for me ;-(
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    Hmm. Since Safari is the default browser if you ever click a link in Twitter or somewhere it's likely it does fire up once in a while. I use the Atomic Web browser to surf myself but Safari still launches on it's own once in a while and that's the problem. I would read the page and then close it but the page memory remained in use. The 8 pages stayed full clogging the memory. Safari never shuts down eve when you close it. It hangs on to that memory.

    I guess if you're jailbroken there might be a way to make another browser the default but I don't think you can do it normally. If so I'd like to know how since I don't want Safari to keep popping open and contributing to this problem.

    My phone got really bad. Two music players would not play at all. After doing the two steps I mentioned before plus a hard reset all work quite well. I do think there is the slightest llag in a couple apps but nothing worse than my iPhone 2g was and most things are back to 3G ios3 speeds.

    Maybe I'm just lucky but it would be the first time
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    So, what is the answer. How do I roll back to the original software.
    Definitely more and more, my phone is slowing down each day. I can't stand it.

    All my friends that are using DROIDS are making compelling arguments about their phones being better than the iPhone.
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