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This afternoon, our daughter's 3G iPhone called our home phone number twice, then called my iPhone. Once, it even left a message (of her not knowing her phone was on while chatting with friends). She was 25 miles away from here and had no clue that we'd been called because she'd never taken it out of her pocket.

Later, I turned my 3G on from Airplane mode. In less than two minutes, it tried to make two calls while it was closed in its case in my pants pocket!

The recent calls list does not show that it did anything.

Is anyone else's iPhone 3G possessed after installing iOS 4?

There are also LOTS of other problems, but this is the latest.

3G, iOS 4
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    mine will do the same thing and people say they hear me in the background. It's usually the last person I dialed. I have no idea how to stop it.
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    This just happened to me a few days ago actually. I'd been upgraded to iOS4 on my 3G iphone for a couple of weeks and, apart from it being terribly slow, I didn't have any problems. Then one night at around 1:30am while I was asleep and my phone was plugged in charging, it started frantically making random calls to around 5 or 6 people in my contact list. I was woken up by one of the people calling me back to see what was going on, about 45 minutes later. Within that 45 minutes it made something like 20 or 30 calls repeatedly to the same people. It even sent two SMS's with random strings of emoticons.

    I put it in flight mode and tried to find out what it could possibly be - I should stress that my phone isn't jailbroken either, so I thought I was safe from viruses. However, a few people seemed to have reported the same problem, & I did come across a few reports of potential SMS virus vulnerabilities, though apparently these have been fixed in previous updates..Anyway, i just downgraded to OS 3.1.3 and haven't had any trouble since - I can actually open apps without the music skipping as well now which is an added bonus!
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    WOW...it truly sounds like your phone is possessed! In the several years that I have been reading this forum...I have read about others with the same issues as far as their phones making random phone calls. I have yet to hear of someone saying that their phone sends random text messages...until now.
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    I think mine did when it once when it was on OS 4.1 but cant remember if I locked it.

    Although I did have a problem with the WAP side. Yesterday O2 took £13 in 5 seconds because some of my apps were apparently my phone was accessing the internet with the apps. I was asked if anything is running in the background. which I asked how to check (I have a 3G) and found out the hard way OS4 is not much of a benefit to a 3G user

    Long story short the impression I get is if your a 3G user Apple (and O2 in my case) have lost interest in them as its all 3Gs & 4's. Which they offered to sell me to cure the problem. Since downgrading to 3.1.3 again its been great
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    I have a 3Gs, and mine phantom dialed this morning at 4:15. I'm running iOS 4. Didn't show up on my outgoing call list, but I got two calls back wondering what was wrong that I called that early.