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    JT7000 is correct. I've done this awhile ago and established that it depends on how close to the right or left you press the "e" key after "m" will it determine which one you mean. Sounds like a software bug now, lol.
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    Hey, finally someone thinking out of the box. This is
    Working so far.

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    ive never had this problem....LOL sorry! hope u guys figure it out...
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    Well- resetting my dictionary did absolutely nothing for 'me' to 'mr' except erase all my other preferred settings. No help there.

    The problem is Apple has put too much thought into this- it is the exact position of your finger on the 'e' character. If it is not centered (or slightly to the left) you will be left with 'mr' every time. Even after dictionary resets. I do not recommend doing that unless you are getting odd characters (such as a comma or apostrophe) auto inserted into your word.

    I heard doing this 21 times will work, but it hasn't for me so far. I just have to try to be precise.

    Hope this helps
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