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I picked my iphone4 up on launch day and it as been working fine until the last few days. I keep having crashing issues with the phone a reset temporary resolves the problem, I am also having really bad screen flickering problems. As anyone else been experiencing these problems ???
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    Negative, return it
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    I am going to call apple support 2moro and see what the say, If the cant resolve the issue i will return it back to my 02 store for apple to look at it.
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    I too have had the "flickering/flashing" screen problem...

    I received my first iPhone 4 on release day (6/24); had no display issues until 3 days later, on 6/27. First occurred while on call in car; phone continued to work but display was black; had to do the two-button "hard restart" method to reboot phone. I was away on vacation for a week (not near an Apple Store), and phone continued to have this issue at least once/day. It could be on any screen or app...had it occur on calendar, a game, the home screen, etc. It would begin flashing ~8 times, then go to a "lit up black" (not off but slightly and evenly lit up black). Sometimes it would be 75% black, w/ a whiter "band" across the top 25% of the display.
    I discovered that sometimes if I quickly hit the button on top while it was still flashing, I could "save it."

    I have videoed this (using my 3GS phone...now my wife's) a few times, and it also did it at the Genius Bar at my local Apple Store last Friday (7/9) when I returned it. They saw it in-person, and watched one of my videos, and promptly gave me a replacement phone.

    However, the NEXT day, 7/10, my replacement iPhone 4 has started to do a similar thing...no "flashing/flickering", just goes to the "lighter black" screen. First occurred when trying to open the calendar. I contacted Tech support and spoke to someone at Apple for ~1 hour, who said there have been NO reported display issues from others, and thought it perhaps was due to a corrupt "Restore from backup" file. She suggested that I do a regular restore (not from backup), but I have hesitated to do so yet, instead looking/waiting to see if others have had this issue, as I don't want to lose contact, texting & calendar info.

    She also said it was not good to perform the "hard restart" (two button) function very much... I eventually have tried the "slide to power off" across the top of the black screen, and phone turned off and could restart with just the single (upper) button. So the phone is ON...just display isn't...

    I am an AVID iPhone user (have had the 2G, 3GS and now 4 model) for 2 1/2 years, and this won't make me "switch"...I just want it FIXED..!
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    The screen flickering for me is random too, I have it while browsing facebook, Ipod and also messaging. I am going to call apple 2moro and if no joy i will be returning it to get a replacement. The phone as worked fine for the 1st weeks i have had it. The problem as recently started occuring the past few days.
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    I've had the same problem. I had the phone for about 3 days and out of the blue the screen started flickering. I couldn't tell whether I was able to turn the phone off or not as the screen was black and I couldn't see a thing. I called Apple 3 times. The first time they said it was probably because of my case and the sensor. Not the issue! Then they said it was probably my case, to remove it and see if the problem still persisted. It did! So I called them back a third time and they sent out a box for repairs. I should be getting the phone back tomorrow but I am not sure if they fixed it or replaced it. I'm actually still not sure what the actual problem really was.

    They probably won't tell me. However, if you are having this problem I suggesting contacting Apple and getting it fixed. We pay a lot of money for these phones and I do not even have a home phone, just a cell. So I was out of a phone for about a week. They told me that I could get a loaner phone but I had to pay a $199.00 deposit, the cost of the phone originally. No way! If you need to contact me bad enough, email me!

    If anyone knows the actual cause of the problem, I'd like to know!
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    Same problem. Started a few days ago. Happens about once a day and is temporarily fixed by "slide-off". About to go into store to get a fix/replacement. I'll let you know...
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    i have the same issue. shwest's description sounds just like what i am seeing.

    brought it to the genius bar, they replaced the phone. several hours later it was happening again. went back to the genius bar where i was told it must be a software problem (not an ios problem, of course, but an app problem) and that it was my responsibility to load the apps one at a time to see where the problem is.

    my current line of thinking is that i’m going to wait this out and live with the problem for a while — until apple releases ios 4.1 anyway. i’m not going to download any new apps, or update any existing apps. when the ios update comes out i will install it. if the problem goes away then we can blame it on the ios (and cry foul on apple for again revealing their arrogance and refusing to acknowledge and correct yet another issue of theirs.)

    i have created a blog about the problem and posted two videos to youtube.


    which includes


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    The chances of you getting two iPhones with the exact same issue is very slim. Especially when you consider the size of this thread and the millions of iPhone 4 owners.

    Its much more likely that you(and possibly the others in this thread) are experiencing the issue because of a corrupt backup or some 3rd-party accessory.

    I did notice you are using a black USB cable with the iPhone.
    Does it have the "Works with iPhone" logo? http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1665
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    thanks for the input.

    yep, the black cable "works with iphone". it was part of a car charging kit. in fact, everything i have ever purchased for my old 3GS and the new iphone 4 has been supplied/manufactured by apple or has been purchased from the apple store. and, for what it's worth, the black cable in the videos runs straight to a wall outlet and is used for charging only. the cable connected to my desktop, which is used for syncing, is the original white cable that shipped with the 3GS.

    the "corrupt backup" is what the genius suspected. and, as i've said, i'm going to adopt a "wait-and-see" attitude with respect to that.
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    I got the flicker after 4 days with my first iPhone 4, had it replaced, and one week later the same problem on the brand new replaced phone.

    It is frustrating, but now I am wondering what app I may have used to start the flicker problem. It is a bit different this time, because before the flicker would happen after every single incoming phone call. Now it seems to happen randomly as I am using the phone, not necessarily during phone calls.... HELP!

    Do I return it for a 3rd new phone?
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    I had the same problem. I got my iPhone a few days after the Canadian launch, and the problem showed up about a week later. I tried al the normal stuff, restore, etc. Brought it to the genuis bar to show them and they took note, and had me do a hard reset. Still happened. SO it took it back and they replaced it. The problem showed up on the new phone a few hours later. I was frustrated. I called Apple support, and they had me do another reset.

    Thats when I figured it out.

    After the restore, I plugged the iPhone into iTunes to restore it, and it occurred to me the only thing I hadn't tried was NOT restoring it. So when I plugged it in, I clicked on "New iPhone" and that was it. I had some corrupt data in the system portion of the restore file.

    Setting it up as a new phone was a slight pain, since EVERYTHING had to be set up fresh (mail, etc) and NONE of my application data came over (saved games, progress), but it was worth it to not have the screen flicker and die every 5 hours or so. I think the corrupt data came from some really old iPod cables that I used to sync with... I recalled getting some errors a few times when syncing about the iPhone being disconnected in the middle of some syncs. Trashed the old cables, and I'm good to go now.

    Hope this helps.
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    i have the same problem. it always happen when im in a cold room. i just had my phone last week and then it started flickering or showing scan lines at the bottom left of the screen. it doesnt happen that frequently though. but please if someone knows how to fix this problem please please please tell us. i dont wanna get a new phone, because i already have some good apps in this phone and i dont wanna download them again. so please anyone help!!! thank u in advance :)