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bandit Level 3 (870 points)
I have been having problems with itunes. I get the message "the network connection was reset" I try click on the itunes little house icon several times, still get the error message. So, after a few days of having problems and searching this forum, I decided to trouble shoot it. On my macbook pro, I open itunes, no problem. Then, I plug in my iphone 4 and open itunes- get the error message. unplug my iphone and open itunes-no problem. Plug my iphone 4 back in and open itunes and get the error message.

So at least for me, the problem presents it's self when my iphone 4 is connected.

desktop G5 2.3 GHZ, blk macbook, 15" macbook pro, iphone 4, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
  • MacHay Level 1 (15 points)
    OK, I have not dared plug anything into iTunes in this current state! I noted a comment in the earlier thread that logging out/in helped, but for me not so. Last year I had an iTunes store issue where a shipping address kept getting over-written and then it just cured itself.

    I have just logged out any device with iTunes access - iDevices, ATV, iMac etc; Reset my modem and router and rebooted all my wireless network AES/AE etc. Still no joy!

    I can create this issue logged in or with no account signed in on my iMac. All other devices working fine, so it is either an iTunes client or iTunes server problem.

    Still waiting on Apple's Tech Support.
  • FusionLA Level 1 (5 points)
    Add me to the list, been getting this same message, didn't know if it was something I did, started after I updated my iphone to i0S4.
    Using itunes 9.2
  • bandit Level 3 (870 points)
    I replied via email to the apple tech that they should visit the forums here and see that it is not just me having the problem. When this many people are having a problem it is most likely a problem with apple. In this case itunes. Hopefully they will fix it soon.
  • mikesd Level 1 (0 points)
    I'm still having the problem. Tried logging out/in etc. Anyone tried changing their DNS server or turning off/on their modem/router?

  • riesar12 Level 1 (0 points)
    I'm having the same problem- connecting to the iTunes store from my Macbook has been nearly impossible for the past few weeks. I get either "network connection reset" or error code 8003. I'm confident this has nothing to do with my connection, software conflicts, firewalls etc. (as Apple techs suggested in another thread). The only thing I've changed during this time is to download Apple's updates. This is an Apple/iTunes issue, period.

    Another note: even on my BRAND NEW iMac (connected via ethernet/hardline), I am usually timing out when trying to preview songs from the iTunes store. Something with iTunes has broken recently- Apple needs to fix this!
  • bandit Level 3 (870 points)
    Today I tried plugging my iphone 4 into a different computer. got the same error message about the network connection was reset. I unplugged my iphone, quit itunes, opened itunes again and was able to connect to the itunes store. So again, it is when my iphone is connected.
    I will send feedback again to apple. Hope they fix this.
  • stevereed Level 1 (15 points)
    I've been have this problem at home for several days. It seems to be getting worse.

    Today I tried downloads some apps from work, and got the same error.

    So at least:

    1) It's nothing at my home network set up.
    2) It's not network speed related, since we have an extremely fast connection at work.
    3) It's not just mac, since I have Macs at home and a Windows 7 PC at work.
  • bandit Level 3 (870 points)
    Good to know it's not just mac's. I would suggest you provide feedback to apple about your findings. The more people that contact them, maybe they will take this serious.
  • mpolda Level 1 (5 points)
    I spent an hour on the phone with Apple support yesterday and 30 minutes the day before. We tried several things including deleting the iTunes preferences. In the end they felt that it was a server-side issue, which I tend to agree with. If you're having this issue please file a bug report with Apple. Most people don't seem to be aware that they can do this. Just go to the following site:
  • plague_1991 Level 1 (0 points)
    yer getting the same problem updated my iphone 3gs yesterday on my sisters computer then i had to put my credit card details back in cause it said something like my account had been accessed on a different computer so i did that and pluged my iphone back into my computer and now the itunes store wont load and comes up with the problem "the network connection was reset". but i was still able to download the new podcasts

    For there being 2 threads for this and alot of people having the same problem i thought apple would of got onto this alot quicker
  • bandit Level 3 (870 points)
    I was wrong! So far I had only had the error message in itunes when my iphone was connected. Tonight I opened itunes without my iphone connected and I got the network connection was reset message. Very frustrating. I will send feedback to apple again.
  • MacHay Level 1 (15 points)
    I have been getting this and continue to, without an iDevice connected. I get it when browsing the store.
    Like a previous poster, I too feel it is a server side issue. Now I seem to be into a circular referral with iTunes and Tech Support.
  • MacHay Level 1 (15 points)
    Thanks for the link, but I think access is only for ADC members. Do you have a non member link?
  • shezebelle Level 1 (0 points)
    Having the same issue, for a week or so now. Every time I try to access the iTunes store: "Network connection reset."

    Have tried all the posted suggested 'remedies' and get success once; but then the second time I go to the iTunes store the error recurs.

    So frustrating.
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