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Just got my new iPhone 4 and before purchasing I had the sales person at the AT&T store check for expected reception in my area. Their map showed I was in the highest reception area in my locality. Much to my dismay, when I got home I found I had absolutely NO bars indicating even a weak signal on my iPhone. Looking at my Verizon cell phone (that's right--I haven't ported the number yet) I had pretty good reception and in fact, have always been able to use my Verizon cell at home. I'm a Mac Book Pro user and this is my first iPhone. I was really looking forward to finally moving to the iPhone but I need a solution for reception. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Mac Book Pro, iOS 4
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    I have made calls with little or no bars without problems, either give the iPhone a chance or stay with Verizon - I just know that I am happy with mine, I can do way more with my iPhone than I could with any Verizon phone I had, heck I couldn't send my sister a email without a attachment without being plugged into the wall cause it would eat my battery and I always got the extended battery.
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    .. consider buying an AT&T micro-cell for use in your home.
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    yes I'm aware that this is an option but was hoping the phone was going to have better reception. Actually, I've read in other places where they've had some issues with the signal strength icon. Could that possibly be the case? On the way home I checked it and I had nearly a full compliment of bars but they dropped off when I got home. Also, do you have a link where I can look at the micro-cells?

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    somewhat helpful-hoping I don't have to invest more $$$ into hardware for a fix
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    If your home is not in a good at&t location, you should not use an at&t phone. Return it.
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    I have a IPHONE 5 64 GB, and came with version 6.0, as updated to 6.1 the 3G signal TIM in Brazil stopped working, same problem reported with VODAFONE. When they started talking about this issue should have updated all versions, not just for the IPHONE 4S. I upgraded my iphone to version 6.1.2 and the problem continues. Can not connect to 3G signal only on EDGE. I have a Blackberry that takes place on the same 3G signal.



    APPLE have to solve it as soon as possible. It is impossible to use such a device without 3G signal.



    I already restored the network, the device restored, did all the procedures that the telephone company TIM guided me, but they claim it is the fault of APPLE.