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How hard is it to develop an iphone application? What skills do I need?

I have looked on the internet, but everyone wants me to register for various things (eg. apple iphone developer US$99 - before i get started. I don't want to embark on all this only to find out that it is beyond my capability to do it.

Does it involve complex coding? (eg. I can do very basic html, and am not an idiot, but I am no coding professional and have no formal training or anything).

I have an existing website business (a job board), with lots of content, search functions, RSS feeds etc. Can a newbie use all the tools which are advertised by apple and others to make an app, or do I need to be a geek?

I don't need anything flash - just no-frills access to our website content. Or am I asking the wrong question?


Mac, Mac OS X (10.5.7)