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The new Mac mini comes with a HDMI to DVI adapter cable. Typically these (Apple) adapter cables are also available for sale separately however at the moment no other Apple device (if one ignores the Apple TV) would need this cable and as every 2010 Mac mini already includes the cable it is it seems not listed on the Apple store.

As I am interested in getting more of these adapter cables, does anyone know if there is an Apple part number for them, or even an Apple service part number?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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    You don't really need to buy them from Apple. DVI - HDMI cables are a very common item, in various lengths, widely available and at very reasonable prices. This is probably the reason Apple wouldn't bother to list the adapter they include in the Apple Store site.
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    Be careful what you read and with your answers. The OP is inquiring about an HDMI to DVI adapter, not a DVI to HDMI adapter. They are two very different devices! Although HDMI and DVI are electrically equivalent, some adapters work in only one direction, so you cannot always just turn it around and run it the other way.

    John, there are HDMI to DVI adapters available from 3rd parties. Be careful that it has a return policy and a warranty. Some adapters are not to the standard and are not functioning as expected. I have been happy with Monoprice products, but have no experience with this particular adapter that you seek.

    Currently the Apple Store has two Belkin adapters. If Apple sells it, it usually works well.


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    Sorry to disagree, but in the case of a DVI - HDMI (or otherwise, HDMI - DVI) cable, it is simply a conductor swapping cable. There are no special one-way, signal adapting features of such a cable. The only problem would be if you had to convert a DVI analog source to digital. The likelihood that the display device can only accept an analog DVI signal is quite low, such a limitation of analog only is most likely going to be on the part of the device sending the signal.

    Key point is we are talking cables here, not a signal adapting device.
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    I would also like to get one of these. It would be nice to unplug every cable to take the mini back and forth between the office and home. Especially since the power supply is internal for 2010.
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    i know this is a very old post but i have one of these that came with my 2010 mac mini i just bought new. Let me know if you want it im set up on ebay.... Bmwrecyclers on ebay thanks

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    Are you still looking for some Apple HDMI/DVI connectors?