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My new iPhone 4 is experiencing battery drain in standby. It was in standby for approx. 8 hours overnight and went from 74% to 65%, a drop of 9%, which means it's dropping at a rate of over 1% per hour while in standby. To equate to Apple's quoted rate of 300 hours of standby, it should not drop more than 1% in 3 hours. I have drained and fully charged the battery once. I have 3G and WiFi enabled, all push is off, location & BT are off. This seems unreasonable to me. Are others experiencing this and do you know of nay fixes or should I replace the phone?

Windows XP
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    I had the same problem, you'll need to restore as a new phone through iTunes. I went to the Apple store yesterday for tech support. There is a problem when restoring from a backup for some users. If you check your usage it will probably match your standby time. When you restore as a new phone it corrects the problem.
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    Did you ever get the overheating warning? I got it yesterday for no apparent reason (was a cool 75 degree F in the house, not using phone) and then last night it was fully charged and I woke up to it at 55%
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    My usage and standby numbers are not the same so I wouldn't think I'd need to restore as new. I have also not had any overheating issues. Any other ideas or anyone else experiencing this?
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    similar has been observed: 65% to 59% over 7 to 8 hours of my sleep.

    but i think it's acceptable, as my previous iPhone 2G was observing even more battery drain with push notification enabled after iOS 3.0 update. have you tryed turning push off? i found push notification to be useful, so didn't bother to test.

    end of the day, iPhone 4 battery is much better than previous generations. i've never been able to play so much more hours of gaming and/or music on 1 charge.
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    The overheating warning seems to be faulty in some phones. Some people have reported getting it when their phone feels cool. My phone got very hot on day two when charging but the warning did not come on. It has never gotten hot since.

    But I have had battery drain. I did reset the network settings (that's easy so try that first - be sure you only reset the network settings and you won't lose anything big). I also restored and set up as a new phone. The battery improved some but I do not get the recommended numbers and I'm not getting what many report are great hours with the phone.
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    My phone is going from fully charged to well under 50% just sitting there on my desk over the course of 3-4 hours. What the heck?
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    I'm facing the same, but moreover I recognize that's continuously (once every 20seconds) transmitting data via cellular network (getting noise from audio HiFi system). Disabling that, battery lasts for long time, but of course it's not the right solution.
    Please have a look to my topic
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    i had the same problem... i think its to do with facebook. if you go into the settings for the facebook app, you will see push notifications there, all of them will be set to on... i went and turned them all off and now my battery doesnt drain abnormally while on standby. i believe its triggered when you go into a bad signal area and the push notifications are not able to connect anymore, and even when you go back to a good signal, the push notifications are still not able to connect for some reason and keep trying... in other words it goes into a constant loop. turning the phone off and then back on again always solved it for me until i discovered these push notifications in facebook... it fixed it for me.
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    I have the same problem
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    I don't think the facebook push is really the answer. I don't have a battery problem and after reading this I looked at my setup and all facebook push is on. Battery drain in standby for past 12 hours with 2 short phone calls in there is 3%. All other push notifications are off. wifi, 3g and cellular data are all on.
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    you are right... my phone started draining the battery in standby again today i still think its to do with one of my apps getting corrupted with the new iOS4 update and its causing the drain in standby, but now i have no idea which app it could be... i really dont want to have to delete one by one and keep checking how my battery is doing after each one, but i think i may have to :((
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    read a lot of posts and this helped considerably for me:
    - bought BatteryDoctor to (trickle) charge battery cycles
    - bought system activity memory, which frees memory
    - switch off most settings, especially 3G and WIFI
    - close all running applications at night
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    I have had the iPhone4 for several months working just fine using as a company phone with push enabled. About 2 weeks ago I noticed the battery draining at a very fast pace - about 1% every 5 min. I took it to the apple store and they told me to restore as a new phone. I did this and the problem whent away as long as I kept it in pristine new phone condition.

    I left the phone on all night in standby and the battery dropped 2%. The next thing I did was turn on Push to enable Exchange integration - no apps nothing running in bacground just a "new" phone with Exchange. The moment I did this the battery started draining at the rate of 1% every 5min. again - all this while in standby. I turn off Push and the problem is resolved.

    I could understand it if it was always like this from day one, but this just started 2 weeks ago after 4 months of very good performance. It does not appear to be the battery since it works great without Push enabled. Any thoughts on next steps would be appreciated.
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