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Our company is looking to switch our server over to the Mac Mini Server. We currently are using a Windows server but have switched most of our computers to Mac. Our main concern is with using the accounting program. We have the Windows version of the Intuit Quickbooks (have heard the Mac version is not up to par at all and I don't believe it's available in Canada either) we currently have the file kept on our Windows server and then work off of that on either a Mac or a Windows. The Mac has no problem reading and using it from VMWare but we are concerned with us switching and not being able to use the file off the Mac Server. Any others with advice to if it will work or not? Any experience with this situation?

Mac OS X (10.6)
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    I'm not a Quickbooks expert here, but I do support it at some of my windows clients site. Newer versions of quickbooks use an installed application called "quickbooks server" to manage client connections. I have never heard of a Mac version of this app, and seriously doubt that it exists.
    Given that I doubt you will ever be able to have multiple users connect to that quickbooks file at the same time and not have data corruption if sharing it from a Mac platform. If you only have one user connecting at a time you might be able to pull it off, but I would make lots of backups.
    Personally I would never take this kind of chance with my accounting. I would either switch to a Mac based product or set up a windows desktop to manage the sharing of the quickbooks file.
    I'd be pretty comfortable running the quickbooks server under a Windows VM, either VMWare or Parallels.