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Hi all,
I have two brand new Mac Book Pros (13" and 17") and I have the same problem on both. I tried to install MatLab and an error occurs: not enough disk space. I need about 4 GB and, as I said they are new, I have about 500 GB free space.
I installed Office 2008 on both and there the same error occurs, when I tried to save my Word-documents (no picture, 1 little formula designed with the Microsoft-Formulaeditor).

Please help me, I don't know what to do.

Mac Book Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    I have the same problem: new MacBook Pro, 8GB Ram, 500GB hard drive and getting this message: "There is not enough memory or disk space to complete the operation"...
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    same here, but happening when trying to copy less than 400MB of photos onto a 1GB SD card. it only gives me the error if I select all 3500 photos and try to copy to the root dir of the card. Upon further research, however (trying it in windows, which actually gave me a reason for the error, unlike OSX, which assumes my omnipotence), it seems only so many files can be stored on the root dir of a FAT formatted drive, which is funny since I have all 3500 in a subfolder.

    I don't suppose you're using a FAT or FAT32 file system? Another problem with OSX and FAT/FAT32 is a 4 or 5GB cap on the size of files that can be moved to a FAT/FAT32 drive. I use Paragon NTFS drivers for OSX to make is so I can actually copy something larger than 5GB.

    Maybe that helps.


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