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Hi all, Just got my new iPhone 4. It is a cool machine, indeed! I haven't had any reception issues except for the normal AT&T stuff but I am having a serious issue. I can't get the Facetime button to show up. I went into Settings>Phone and turned the Facetime slider to the ON position. I went back to a contact and still no Facetime button. The only buttons I see are Text Message, Share Contact, and Add to Favorites.

I read somewhere that if you backup from your old 3G iPhone that this can cause the problem. So I took the following steps:
1. Made sure Facetime was turned on in the Phone settings (it was off and I turned it on). It still didn't work
2. Reset the phone from the phone's settings (Settings>General>Reset). It still didn't work.

I read that a restore (plugging the phone into the computer and doing a Restore from iTunes) might work but I want to avoid this if possible.

Any solutions out there?

Thank you so much!

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