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Hi all, Just got my new iPhone 4. It is a cool machine, indeed! I haven't had any reception issues except for the normal AT&T stuff but I am having a serious issue. I can't get the Facetime button to show up. I went into Settings>Phone and turned the Facetime slider to the ON position. I went back to a contact and still no Facetime button. The only buttons I see are Text Message, Share Contact, and Add to Favorites.

I read somewhere that if you backup from your old 3G iPhone that this can cause the problem. So I took the following steps:
1. Made sure Facetime was turned on in the Phone settings (it was off and I turned it on). It still didn't work
2. Reset the phone from the phone's settings (Settings>General>Reset). It still didn't work.

I read that a restore (plugging the phone into the computer and doing a Restore from iTunes) might work but I want to avoid this if possible.

Any solutions out there?

Thank you so much!

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    For Facetime to show up for a contact, you must first call the person that has an iPhone 4. Upon connection they learn that each other is an iPhone 4 (there is no other way as this info isn't out there in the public nor should it be).

    Once you call that person, then you can tap Facetime as it will be there while on the call (with Mute and Speaker and all that).

    After that first time, THEN Facetime will be an option for that contact for the future so you can just do Facetime direct without having to call.
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    the other contact needs to have an iPhone 4 also or it will not show up.
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    Bien sûr, vous êtes un génie! I will try this and see if it works. Makes sense to me, I was wondering how it would know that the other person had an iPhone. Strange though since my husband's iPhone already has that button available and he didn't have to call anyone to get it to show up. I will try it and let you know if it works!
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    Under the option to turn on facetime, what does it say? Facetime meed to be activated first.
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    It says "Waiting for activation..."
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    Forgot to add that under the FaceTime option in settings>phone, it says "Waiting for authorization..."
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    Woooohooo! It works now. My friend connecting to my phone with FaceTime and now I can recognize his phone as an iPhone 4 with the same capability and the phone now shows the FacetTime button under his info in contacts. Excellent! Thanks so much for the help.

    That was easier than I thought it would be.