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I've noticed on my new iPhone 4 that the Album Art in my library does not match up with the music it should. Does anyone know why this happens?

iPhone4, iOS 4
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    I'm having the same problem but I have the 3G. please let me know if somebody answers!

    Also I don't know if yours is doing this, but i have movies downloaded to my iPod part of the phone, (i.e. Invincible, Wanted, etc.) and some of the Album Artwork is photos from those movies instead of actual covers. And also having some of the same problem as you where like Celine Dion's album cover is playing shown when I play "Indestructible" by Disturbed haha.

    However this problem is only on the phone. In my iTunes library all the artwork matches perfectly
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    I read somone else's question which was similar. If you de-select "sync" music and then sync your phone all of the music will be removed. Then you should select "sync" music and sync your phone and all of the music, podcasts, movies.. etc. will be put back on your phone and the problem should be solved. I tried it and it worked.
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    I have the same problem with my iPhone 4 all of a sudden. What I have noticed is that the problem is only with songs/albums that I bought from the iTunes store directly onto my iPhone and not with songs/albums that I bought on my iMac. I have tried removing the songs by the offending artists but for some reason the songs that were purchased on the iPhone do not get removed. Any ideas?
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    I believe I found the solution...

    Genius Playlist icons seem to be a recurring theme in all the threads I've seen out there. I have disabled Genius in iTunes, unsynced and resynced all my iPod media on my iPhone (every - thing), and all my album art is good to go! At the writing of this it's only been a day but I've changed my library with podcast updates & iTunes U updates. I've synced a number of times and they're still good to go! I have not, and prolly will not try to enable Genius again. Good luck!

    (PS; Apple, if this works, you owe me an iPad. I'd like a 64GB 3G and all will be forgiven. Thank you.)
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    I had the same thing happen to me. The problem is definitely not Genius, as I have never had it enabled on the computer nor my iPhone. Deleting all the songs from the iPhone (as people suggested)before syncing again fixed it. The problem seems to be overwrite, when you have songs already on the iPhone before syncing it to add new songs added to the computer. If you have a clean slate before doing this, the album art stays accurate.

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    I've had this same problem a couple times. First time I didn't have a clue as to cause but fixed it by unsyncing all music (removing it from phone) and resyncing it back on. This latest time the miss matched artwork occurred on albums I bought on my iPad and then sync'd to my computer and then to my iPhone. Artwork is fine on the iPad and computer (iTunes on XP machine). Artwork shows as other albums for only new purchased albums from iPad. I haven't had time to do the unsyncing and resyncing but will do it this soon and report in to verify that it worked (or didn't). I'm hoping the artwork the iTunes couldn't find, and I did from various places on the net, will be there when I resync the music.
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    same issue for me...

    my music also plays like a bad and scratched cd, even my playlist is dissapearing sometimes...

    i sent my iphone4 to repair but applecare returned it to me saying that the phone is ok...

    i think that these issues are ios 4.1 related
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    OK, I unchecked "Sync Music", sync'd my iPhone, checked "Sync Music" and re-sync'd my iPhone and all is well. All album art is correct including artwork found elsewhere on the net. I then sync'd my iPad, and when done it showed no music on it while iTunes showed I had my 20GB on it. Re-sync'd it again and all is now well there. Will only purchase music from the iTunes Store on my computer going forward. Hopefully this gets fixed but due to the time it takes to reload 20GB of music I won't be chancing it anytime soon.
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    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Been searching everywhere for an answer. This worked! And it is a simple, fairly painless solution.